Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Illusion of Separation Dissovles In The Present Moment

Usually the present is a pretty good moment.  It's our thoughts from the past and our concerns from the future that create so much trouble in our minds.  If we stay with right now, everything is pretty fine.  For instance, how are you in this moment?  Probably pretty good.  Even in those times when things get a little tricky -- some minor emergency occurs -- we can usually jump into high gear and handle the situation with clarity and competency. 

However, there are those occasional times when we do feel really challenged in the present moment.  I'm so grateful to my parents for having taught me manners, because most of the time, those are what I fall back on. This always helps to diffuse a bad situation and keep things a little cleaner.  It's never a good idea to add fuel to anyone's fire.  We all slip up of course, myself included from time to time, but when we do we can notice it, forgive ourselves, and use our intention to do better next time.  

Sometimes our buttons really do get pushed and we start to lose it a little. Then the question becomes, how can we find and practice Big Love, that sense of oneness, in the face of those stinky moments.  We do have to love ourselves enough to stand up for ourselves.  But, if we can find our presence of mind, we can look at ourselves and the other as two actors on a stage.  We can notice the role we've each taken on: victim, authority, innocent, saboteur, whatever it might be. Then we can let a part of our self stand back and watch the dance between the two.  This lets the interaction become more like a board game -- win some, lose some -- rather than a matter of pride, position, or influence.  

Our sense of separation is an illusion.  When we realize this it leads us right back into love.  We know this is an illusion because if someone is drowning, or about to jump off a bridge, or our cat is in the house that has caught fire, we forget about our own lives and do everything we can to save them.  This is because deep in our beings we know that we and the other are one.  We don't run from danger, we charge into it to save the other.  

Guru Pathik said, "The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually the same. We are all one people, but we live as if divided." We need to stop focusing on our individuation. Our sense of separation is nothing short of a social pathology. It is the source of war. Them vs. us, superiority, and inferiority complexes all come from this illusion. Every cell is needed in the body of humanity.  

Kabir said, "Ignorance has locked the gate. The only thing that can open it is love."  When we are in the present moment we are in our right brains, the source of oneness, and this unites us with the true heart of our expansive and interconnected love for ourselves and all our journey mates here on the path of life.  

© Josephine Laing, 2014

Monday, October 20, 2014

We're Working On It

Isn't it interesting to note that in people with Multiple Personality Disorder, one personality can be very sensitive to sugars in the diet, and have an advanced case of diabetes, while another personality in the same person, a mere moment later, can be absolutely disease free?  That's the incredible power for healing ability that each one of us holds inside of ourselves.  The trick lies in cultivating this skill, which we haven't yet learned.  But we're working on it.

It is our sub-conscious mind (SCM) that holds the potential for us to harness this ability.  This is the part of our consciousness that can accomplish that degree of healing instantaneously.  However, it's a very rare mind that has gained that type of control. 

The good news is that the SCM follows our directions.  It reasons logically and is our beloved protector, always dutifully following our deepest beliefs, even when we have long ago consciously forgotten them.  Its main language of communication is our emotions, either positive or negative.  It also responds very well to repetition.  

The SCM is the part of ourselves that we get in touch with when we access our brain's right hemisphere through hypnosis.  As we tap into the right side of our brain, which is connected to our higher consciousness, we can not only heal anxiety, depression, and addictive patterns, but we can also see tumors disappear, cartilage grow back, and even the "impossible diseases" turn around and heal.  

Think of a world, if you will, where all of our suffering drops away and we open ourselves to the beautiful creation of our heart's desire.  See in your mind's eye, if you can, teachers in schools offering techniques to the smallest children to help them positively manage and cope with their feelings and emotions.  We hold this potential in the palms of our hands and in the depths of our hearts.  It could free us all to find and live our true purpose every waking day.  

With journaling we can pour all of our negative thoughts out onto the paper and begin to notice our mental patterns.  Some of us have patterns of self-criticism, or self loathing.  Some of us are always complaining or choosing to take offense.  As we express ourselves and put our thoughts on the page, they don't need to constantly repeat themselves, like broken records.  Observing these patterns in ourselves lets us begin to make choices so that we can think differently.  

As we learn and start to apply basic spiritual practices like kindness, gratitude, understanding and forgiveness, not only do our negative patterns start to loosen their grasp, but our thoughts also change.  When our thoughts change, our beliefs change.  And now we are in the realm of that great powerhouse, the sub-conscious mind.  As our beliefs change our subconscious mind dutifully follows suit.  This is how we shift our paradigm.  

© Josephine Laing, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

Guided Imagery Meditation


One of my favorite types of meditation is the Guided Imagery Mediation.  This type of meditation engages our image center or our imagination.  It stimulates our clairvoyant function by activating our third eye.  Meditations of this nature guide us through an idea or an image.  When we do a guided imagery meditation, we can either listen to a prerecorded meditation or we can guide ourselves through the process using our own thoughts. 

My first exposure to guided imagery meditation was with a prerecorded forgiveness meditation.  This was on an audio tape that was made by Louise Hay, who wrote You Can Heal Your Life.  I listened to this almost every night on my little tape player while I was healing from a painful and long term injury.  Louise's gentle, loving voice, playing through my ear-buds, helped me to more easily manage the pain and often lulled me into sleep.  In this meditation, she asked her listeners to imagine our parents as little children, to see them as innocent, to forgive them, to pick them up, hold them lovingly, and then place them right into my heart.

Another great teacher of this type of meditation is Shakti Gawain.  She headed me down the path of guided imagery meditations with her remarkable book, Creative Visualization.  I welcome you to discover for yourself this little book and the life changing wisdom within it for yourself.  One of her readers said that it was like being led by the hand into a beautiful garden and being given a single flower, one after another, to marvel at and enjoy.

I'd like to share with you today a few of my favorite guided imagery meditations. The first one is the pink bubble technique.  Take a minute to imagine a pink bubble, with your eyes either opened or closed.  Place into the bubble any worrying thoughts you may have.  Close the door on that bubble if there was one, and see the bubble lift off and start to float away.  Let it float over the distant horizon, perhaps even over a mountain, and know that it has gone to its next, most highest placement in the universe for its transformation.

A dear friend of mine who has since moved to the east coast taught me about the healing modality of Regenesis. This is a technique where the practitioner imagines a beautiful blue light entering into each and every cell of the client's body.  This is the light of regeneration.  I have taken this idea and altered it slightly to create a wonderful guided imagery meditation for myself that I do every day.  In it, I imagine the blue light of Divinity entering in through the crown of my head and igniting all of my cells, one by one.  In just a few moment's time it fills my whole body with the loving light of my higher self.  This guided imagery meditation is part of what I do when I clear myself before I do my clairvoyant healing work for a client.

Another beautiful guided imagery mediation is to imagine a golden disk or a golden halo over the top of your head.  Let this halo be a filter.  Your thoughts can come and go, but all the thoughts of others are naturally sifted away.  This lets us really focus on being who we are in accordance with our original blueprint, our natural being, our true self.

I'll leave you with these few meditations to enjoy this week. May they serve you as well as they have served me. 

© Josephine Laing, 2014

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Women's Spirituality, Reclaiming Feminine Divinity

Hello everyone,

My friend, Einar, helped me make another video for you to enjoy.  This one is on the Women's Spirituality Movement.  When we women gather together, we empower each other. And that is just what the world needs now, don't you think?

© Josephine Laing, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

Premonition, Synchronicities, Cards, and Coins: Allowing Spirit In

Spirit continuously steps in to assist us, often saving the day.  We can make room for guidance from spirit to more easily reach us.  Dreams, meditation, and prayer work wonders.  Or we can cast the Runes, the coins of the I Ching, or layout decks of cards.    Synchronicities can also point the way that will best ease our day.  For some of us,  it's deja vu and premonition that let inner guidance reach us.

In our dreams our physical bodies communicate through pictures.  Our higher self sends inspirations as well, in the form of images placed in our minds.  As we meditate we learn to quiet our minds.  This can allow information to flow into our conscious awareness from on high.  Our prayers are how we express our needs and our gratitudes, and engage in conversation with our own version of the divine. 

Some of us find guidance by laying out cards or casting the runes.  The symbols and the placement speak to us about where we've been and where we need to go, what qualities can bring us strength, and what might hold us back.  The I Ching is another mode of divination, meaning "to give the voice of the divine."  With this ancient Asian method of finding guidance the user tosses coins and makes note of where the coins lie, and if they are heads or tails. This leads the seeker to a passage in a book that can bring answers and insights to the questions asked. 

Another way that spirit can edge its way in is through synchronicity. We wake from a dream about a certain friend, that morning they call with an invitation to go swimming. We had plans to clean the garage, but because of the dream image we decide to go with them instead. At the water's edge we just happen to meet someone who needs something done, and we are just the person for the job. Synchronicities can channel us to right where we need to go. This is divine love saying, "Go this way, you'll like it."

Some lucky souls are granted the gift of premonition.  These individuals receive strong senses of knowing and inner guidance.  My mother was a premonition dreamer, and once or twice she saved our lives. We were so impressed by this skill that we never hesitated or doubted when she got that certain look in her eye. 

My brother inherited the gift of premonition as well.  One day he was driving on Mulholland highway, speeding and squealing around the turns, going way too fast.  Then suddenly, he got an image, blatantly and strongly, right in his mind.  It was of the front wheel of his car popping off its axle. This startled him so much that he slowed way down.  And on the next turn it happened.   His wheel came off and his disk brake plowed into the ground, saving him from sudden and certain death.

I often think about how our angels are watching over us.  I imagine his angel was riding on the front corner of the hood of his car, watching those bolts on that wheel.  When they started to get loose the angel zoomed that image right into his mind, getting his attention and causing him to make a change. This allowed him to live on to make a lifetime's worth of positive changes in the lives of others. 

When we are open to guidance in our lives, guidance comes.  It can be subtle or strong, it may follow a circuitous trail, but it brings us to right where we need to go.   

© Josephine Laing, 2014