Monday, October 13, 2014

Guided Imagery Meditation


One of my favorite types of meditation is the Guided Imagery Mediation.  This type of meditation engages our image center or our imagination.  It stimulates our clairvoyant function by activating our third eye.  Meditations of this nature guide us through an idea or an image.  When we do a guided imagery meditation, we can either listen to a prerecorded meditation or we can guide ourselves through the process using our own thoughts. 

My first exposure to guided imagery meditation was with a prerecorded forgiveness meditation.  This was on an audio tape that was made by Louise Hay, who wrote You Can Heal Your Life.  I listened to this almost every night on my little tape player while I was healing from a painful and long term injury.  Louise's gentle, loving voice, playing through my ear-buds, helped me to more easily manage the pain and often lulled me into sleep.  In this meditation, she asked her listeners to imagine our parents as little children, to see them as innocent, to forgive them, to pick them up, hold them lovingly, and then place them right into my heart.

Another great teacher of this type of meditation is Shakti Gawain.  She headed me down the path of guided imagery meditations with her remarkable book, Creative Visualization.  I welcome you to discover for yourself this little book and the life changing wisdom within it for yourself.  One of her readers said that it was like being led by the hand into a beautiful garden and being given a single flower, one after another, to marvel at and enjoy.

I'd like to share with you today a few of my favorite guided imagery meditations. The first one is the pink bubble technique.  Take a minute to imagine a pink bubble, with your eyes either opened or closed.  Place into the bubble any worrying thoughts you may have.  Close the door on that bubble if there was one, and see the bubble lift off and start to float away.  Let it float over the distant horizon, perhaps even over a mountain, and know that it has gone to its next, most highest placement in the universe for its transformation.

A dear friend of mine who has since moved to the east coast taught me about the healing modality of Regenesis. This is a technique where the practitioner imagines a beautiful blue light entering into each and every cell of the client's body.  This is the light of regeneration.  I have taken this idea and altered it slightly to create a wonderful guided imagery meditation for myself that I do every day.  In it, I imagine the blue light of Divinity entering in through the crown of my head and igniting all of my cells, one by one.  In just a few moment's time it fills my whole body with the loving light of my higher self.  This guided imagery meditation is part of what I do when I clear myself before I do my clairvoyant healing work for a client.

Another beautiful guided imagery mediation is to imagine a golden disk or a golden halo over the top of your head.  Let this halo be a filter.  Your thoughts can come and go, but all the thoughts of others are naturally sifted away.  This lets us really focus on being who we are in accordance with our original blueprint, our natural being, our true self.

I'll leave you with these few meditations to enjoy this week. May they serve you as well as they have served me. 

© Josephine Laing, 2014

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