Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Return of the Light


As the Winter Solstice slides away behind us and our Earth begins another annual circuit, twirling daily on her axis as she travels around the sun, it seems only well and good to take a few moments contemplating what we are leaving behind and what we are entering into with this new Return of the Light.  As of today, the days will be getting a little longer and the nights will each become progressively shorter until we reach our new year's Summer Solstice, six months from now.  

I would like to suggest that we take a little time to first honor some of the darker experiences we've each felt, both personally and collectively, from this past year.  Winter is a time when some of us hibernate.  We can all set aside a little time to go within. 

Perhaps you'd like to write something down that you are willing to let go of and then release it.  Maybe the recycling bin would be the perfect vessel to receive it, or it could be buried in the garden, or using good fire safety, it could be carefully burned over the kitchen sink.  It's good to consciously let go of whatever we no longer wish to have in our lives.  This year, I'm burning any and all limitations to our arising human consciousness, that which understands and fully honors the absolute sacredness of all life on earth.  

Then, while still in personal private ceremony, we can begin this new journey, into the increasing light of the coming year, by honoring and calling to us all that we would love to see and do and think and feel.  I like to use my five senses when I am imagining what I'd like to manifest in my life.  

We can ask ourselves, "What would my body love to do?  How would that feel?  What does it smell like, taste like, sound like?"  If it is walking on the beach more often, can I imagine seeing the crashing of the waves on the shore, can I hear the seabirds call and smell the good salt sea spray?  And then, when I get to the beach, I try to consciously remember all of that and take it all in.

We can seek new experiences and awarenesses on every level of our being, be they spiritual, mental, emotional or physical.  And we can ask for help.  I used to call on the spirit of Domingo, an old Portuguese friend of mine, who could build anything out of nothing.  Whenever I've needed some help with a project, I've called him to me and there I suddenly see just exactly what is needed to finish my work.

So, think of a change that you would like to see happening in your life.  While these days are still quite short, realize that we see differently in the dark.  Ask for help from spirit if you feel like you could use it.  Let yourself have a little quiet time to visualize what you'd like to see in the coming New Year.   

Go ahead and ask, "What is a new pattern that I would like to see in my life?  or in the world?"  "What changes can I easily make to improve my stability or balance or my level of health?  or the health of those around me?  or the health of our planet?"  "What would I love to see in my life?"  "What would help me to bloom?"

It is important for us to wake up to what we love and what we long for.  This can help us to look within to see where our joy and purpose lie.  It is good to take the time to listen for whatever miracles may be available to open up for you.  We don't often need to know more than the next two or three steps ahead.  But if we pay those heed and meet their needs, often the rest of the path will open up before us.

As Rumi said,

Listen, make a way for yourself, inside yourself.


(painting by my friend Aya, The Stairs to Dinky Creek)