Tuesday, November 22, 2022

I'm So Grateful for Homeopathic Medicine



Decades ago one of my main mentors, Charles Otto, D.C., introduced me to homeopathic medicine.  And I'm so grateful.  This extremely effective and subtle healing therapy works in part on the principle of 'like treats like,' somewhat like vaccinations.  This is known as 'The Law of Similars,' where something that triggers a disease can also be used to treat that condition.  With homeopathy, the substance is used in minute concentrations, where it is almost a mere whisper of its former self, and the more dilute the preparation the stronger it is. 

Homeopathic medicine was first created by Samuel Hahnemann, a German Doctor in the late 18th century.  It found widespread use throughout Europe and North America.  Though still embraced in Europe, its use was diminished significantly in America, in the 1950's, when the pharmaceutical and related industries began stacking the Boards of Directors of all of our medical universities with men who would promote their approach to healing using drugs and surgery to the exclusion of all other types of healing modalities.  The end result of this planned monopoly was that hundreds of natural healing clinics fell out of popularity and closed their doors in the decades that followed.  

Fortunately, two natural healing colleges have remained, Bastyr University in Washington State and until very recently Florida College of Natural Health.  (Sadly, as of 2020, FCNH no longer exists.)  Students of natural healing, known as Naturopaths or Naturopathic Doctors, can practice in many states in America, though a number of states require additional licensing or certification.  Similar to how a plant that has been sprayed with poison may die in one area, blessedly what works well for nature will continue to survive and pop up in another area.  So, we do still have access to Naturopaths, which include herbal doctors and homeopaths, who can help us with our healing journeys using tools other than the too often dreaded standard western medical approach of drugs and surgery, sometimes referred to as allopathic medicine.  Naturopaths are often preferred as they can offer more gentle, less invasive options which are still very effective.

Most healthy food stores across the western world do offer herbs and supplements along with homeopathic medicines.  These persist due to their efficacy even though they are not supported by our insurance industries and are paid for out-of-pocket.  Consumers spend billions of dollars annually on these products.  This alone stands as a testament to their usefulness.  My own personal apothecary is full of natural healing products.  I have supplements to address many vitamin and mineral needs.  I have herbs to provide broad spectrum healing, many of which I grow and harvest myself.  And I inherited a Standard Homeopathic kit from Dr Otto after he passed.  Many different homeopathic medicine kits are available for purchase like the HomeoFamily Kit by Boiron.  But I love my old one, with the good doctor's hand written notes alongside the map of remedies inside the top.  

Homeopathic medicines come in the form of tiny little tablets or balls that have been infused with the energy of the plants or other substances from which they were derived.  And as I mentioned, the more dilute they are, the more powerful they are.  So a homeopathic medicine that has been diluted two hundred times, 200x, is more potent than one that has only been diluted six times, 6x.  A 6x formulation can be used many times a day, for instance, one might prefer to take a 6x dose of Hypericum perforatum along with 6x Arnica montana every half hour, or as needed, to speed the healing and ease the pain of a burn.  Whereas, a 200x formulation of something like Ignatia amara might just do the trick, with a one time dose, for easing the sighing disappointments of a teenager.

 Some of my favorite remedies are as follows.  I frequently use Arnica montana for injuries like bruises and scrapes, Hypericum perforatum for nerve troubles like aches and pains, or Belladona, also for pain.  Whenever I get something in my eye or a little sliver or a splinter or have a run-in with some fiberglass, I turn to Silica, sometimes labeled Silicea, to help bring relief.  Apis mellifica eases the sting of insect bites or punctures, the ones that like cold compresses.  Ledum palustre also helps with puncture wounds, the type that likes hot compresses.  Ledum is good for dog bites, impalements and vaccinosis.  Symphytum (comfrey) helps with fractures and torn tissues.  I have used Ignatia amara for grief and the negative thoughts that can sometimes accompany that situation, along with Aconitum napellus for the shock of bad news.  

My basic homeopathic kit holds several dozen remedies along with descriptions of their common uses or indications, but there are hundreds of homeopathic medicines, all with wonderful uses and I only have a working knowledge of a very few.  Often homeopathic remedies can be quite specific, depending on the individual and how the symptoms are uniquely presenting themselves, so, it is, of course, best to consult with an experienced homeopath or naturopath to really dial in an appropriate cure.  However, if you need a little shortcut, the Boiron company has a homeopathic medicine finder on their website, https://www.boironusa.com/mf/.  They also have a hot-line that you can call at 1 (800) 264-7661 where their knowledgeable staff can help you to make a selection. 

Dr. Otto taught me, years ago, that homeopathic medicines should always be taken away from food, either a half an hour before eating or an hour afterward.  They do not like to be taken while someone is using essential oils, or drinking strong beverages, like coffee or black tea.  These are subtle medicines and they can be influenced by other materials, so they do not like to be stored near any electronic devices.  They prefer to be stored in a cool dark place, (as is also the case for most herbs and supplements.)  When taking homeopathic medicine, one should place a single little pellet under the tongue and let it dissolve there, taking care not to touch the fingers, lips or mouth to the inside of the container.  If they are handled carefully, none of these subtle medicines will ever expire.

Interestingly enough, prior to the 1950's and the subsequent takeover of our medical approach to healing by the pharmaceutical, surgical and related industries in this country, most medical doctors were quite proficient at prescribing appropriate homeopathic cures.  They used them to help with healing and as an adjunct to their procedures.  But, now that time has passed, and very, very few medical doctors in the U.S.A. have any knowledge of homeopathics, nor of most other natural therapies for healing, including the basics of diet and nutrition.  Hopefully this tide is turning with our new millennium.   

Please understand that I am not opposed to the standard western medical approach to healing.  Prescription medications and surgical remedies certainly do have their place and I will absolutely avail myself of their services, should I have need and gratefully too.  But, sometimes a more subtle, or more far reaching approach to healing is worthy of consideration.  So, for those among us who enjoy being self empowered and prefer to care for our own bodies for most of the ills that seem a part of life, I'm writing this blog to encourage you to check out homeopathic medicines if you have not yet been introduced.  You will find them right there, in your local neighborhood healthy food store.  So stop in, and say 'Hello,' because a good thing will always prevail.



 As a Clairvoyant Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Intuition Instructor, I share many tips for leading a healthy and fulfilling life.  Please be advised that I am not a doctor. Nor am I licensed in any healing modality. However, I have had years of experience in alternative and complementary health and healing. All healing programs, including standard western medical protocols in addition to natural therapies, can cause harm rather than the benefit that you may be searching for. After all some people can have a strong reaction to something as seemingly innocent as peanuts or strawberries. Therefore, anything that I may recommend in these blogs and videos could be dangerous for you to try. So, it is important that you Ask Your Doctor First before trying any natural healing protocol. However, most medical doctors have little experience regarding natural healing programs and herbal medicine. So please understand if your doctor is unfamiliar with these ideas.