Monday, May 25, 2015

Gracefully Knocking On Heaven's Door

There can come a time when it is well and good for us to go.  When I was in my teens, my elderly grandfather and I were sitting together side by side, quietly musing in the sun.  He turned to me, placed his hand gently on my knee and said, "I think I'll be going soon.  It's time for me to move over and make room for other people on the planet, so they can come here to live."  I immediately said, "No, Grandpa, don't talk like that."  But he calmly held his place in silence, smiled to himself and nodded.  He did indeed die, quite peacefully, six weeks later.

Sometimes we go to our death kicking and screaming.  Sometimes it's so sudden we don't know what hit us.  But one thing is certain, we will all of us cross that river into the great hereafter one day. 

What we can be most grateful to death about is how it helps us to live while we are here.  Carlos Castaneda said, "When you know that death is stalking you in every moment of your life, your life will become magical because your priorities will change."

To live in grace is to honor all of our spiritual laws: to be kind with one another, to love each other, to give and to receive, to forgive and to understand.  When we live our lives this way, we can meet our deaths with open hearts. 

Having had numerous close brushes with death during the course of my life, I know that any one of us could go at anytime.  This helps me to keep my emotional plate very clean.  If I have a hunch that something is up between us, I ask.  If I wake up thinking about someone, I call.  If I haven't recently told you, "I love you," I do.

So, here we go,  I Love You.  And the truth is, I do.  I'm so grateful to you, yes, you, for your support in reading this blog.  It helps me to have readers, and you know that.  I feel your love and I hope that you can feel mine.  Because, the truth of it is, life is too short for us to be doing anything other than sharing our love.  So, I thank you and I give my love to you.

With that, I want to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day.  May we come to know greater and greater levels of love as we learn how to walk this earth together, blooming and growing, finding our way into the Golden Age of Peace, while we live each of our days, gratefully and gracefully knocking on heaven's door.

© Josephine Laing, 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

Learning How to See Auras

Even if you have no ability to see someone's aura, you can teach yourself how to awaken you auric vision.  Here are some simple techniques that will get you started.

© Josephine Laing, 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

Listening to the Voice of Nature and Learning how We Can All Serve the One

Peace Pilgrim said that if we smile at the world, it smiles back at us.  When we connect with the grace and innocence of our pure love, for both the animate and the inanimate world around us, then our connection with Nature's voice is awakened.  

In modern times it has become progressively easy for us to connect with other humans, but what we have forgotten is how to connect with the Natural world around us.  However, we don't have to re-invent the wheel here, we humans have been listening to the subtle communications coming to us from Nature since time began.  We've gone on vision quests and written in pictographs.  We've seen the forest as our brother and the river as our sister. Reclaiming this part of ourselves is as easy as stepping outside.  

Of course our dutiful beloved subconscious minds are always going to protect us from something we have been taught to fear.  And make no mistake about it, all of our fears have been taught to us.  We learn them from our families, our religious groups, our friends and even our government.  Unless our subconscious programming along these lines is intentionally changed, it can sabotage our attempts to open our hearts to hear Nature's voice.  Beliefs like  "People will think I'm crazy," or "I may loose my grip on reality," or "This is against my family belief system," are all scary enough to stop you in your tracks.  

This is where self love steps in.  We need to love ourselves enough to give ourselves what we need and really want in the world.  Many of us yearn for this connection with Nature and when we get whispers and glimpses of it, it brings us so much joy.

I feel that joy is the basis of our spirituality an that it is our job as humans to nourish the Universe with our joy.  So, if we'd really love to have that beautiful connection with our mother, Nature, we need to free ourselves from the tyranny of our own minds. 
Identifying our fears, so we can move through and past them, is how we do so.  Once we have become aware of them, we can use our intention plus our attention to change those old thought habit patterns and manifest new thoughts instead.

Our spiritual practices can also help us to listen to the voice of Nature.  Self love, meditation, dream interpretation and prayer all help us to calm our minds, activate our inner vision centers and connect with the Divinity in everything, including Ourselves. When we do this, we open our hearts and let the love flow.  We free ourselves to smile at the Natural word.  And then it smiles back at us.  We step into our joy with open hearts and Hear From Our Source How We Can All Serve The One.

© Josephine Laing, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Thoughts, Psychic Ability, and the God Particle

Quantum physics holds potential explanations for why our thoughts are so creative and how our psychic ability functions.  Join Josephine Laing as she ties all of this together in just 6 minutes time.

© Josephine Laing, 2015