Monday, October 30, 2017

Birthing A New Human Consciousness ~ The Contractions Are Getting Closer

There has been so much intense news of late.  Just this past month of September, Hurricanes Harvey and then Irma swept through Florida, leaving deaths and untold square miles of devastation in their wakes.  During Irma's storm, wind speeds were recorded at 185 m.p.h. and remained at that speed for 37 hours, marking her one of the most powerful storms ever recorded.

A week later, we had the unthinkable tragedy in Las Vegas, the deadliest mass shooting to date, with 64-year old gunman Stephen Paddock firing hundreds of rounds of ammunition, from his many rifles designed exclusively for killing humans, into a crowd of innocent music lovers.  His motivations were not known, but they resulted in such profound suffering with 546 injuries and 58 people dead, including himself. 

And just one week after that, we have had a series of wildfires in the Santa Rosa area of California.  Nearly 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and over 40 people have expired in the fires making this the most deadliest week of fire in California history.  Nearly 200 people have been hospitalized and over 5,000 structures, most of them homes, have been completely destroyed.

All three of these are news items are of epic proportions.  They have all happened in the last couple of months and have taken place just in our own country.  They don't begin to cover the tragedies on the world scene, most of which are political or climate change related.  Burma and Puerto Rico to name just two.  It seems that the heat is getting turned up.  

I sometimes think of that little frog in the ultimately cruel 19th century biology experiments, where the water is slowly heated, getting hotter and hotter, until the frog expires.  Yet when another frog is placed in water that has already been heated, it immediately jumps out.  

It is only because we see the frogs as separate from ourselves that we can even consider such a heartless test.  If we were to embrace our oneness, as all of the great spiritual wisdom traditions of the world encourage us to do, through their various renditions of The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," then we would never consider such an act.  Nor would we stand by, allowing the difficulties and suffering of others to seem so distant and removed from our own life experience.

Were we to look at all of these recent current events with freshly innocent eyes, I wonder, would we jump?  Would we choose to make a significant change.  I hope so.  Because looking at them from the perspective of 'business as usual,' like the slowly heated frog, is likely to let us all perish.

As I hear the news on the home front and on the world scene, it seems to me to be a reflection of our own awareness that is begging us to evolve, to step up to a new level in our human consciousness, our interconnectedness.  And evolve we must.  Either that or perish like that poor first little frog.

All of these perilous incidences remind me of the intensity of the process of birth.  As the time of transition draws near, the contractions increase in severity and frequency.  Soon they come one right on top of the other until the new life begins to crown.  It is a dangerous time.  Both the mother and or the babe can be lost.  Both stand right at the door of death before they choose life and behold a new consciousness coming into being.

Perhaps we can consider this metaphor together, as a possible vision of how we can help ourselves to make the changes that will allow us to ride safely through these troubled times.  Let us see ourselves being born into the far-reaching implications of an evolving consciousness, one where we hold the deepest considerations and self-responsibility for our collective future.  One where we let all of our actions and choices reflect that understanding.  As we do so, we can see our shared reality, our unity, with each of us as a part of the whole, a portion of Divinity.  And as we rise up in our perception of this, we see that we are each worthy of love, our own love, each others love and the love of all.  

It is my hope that together, we can make this shift, despite our cultural conditioning to the contrary.  We can learn to see ourselves, with all of our differences, as valuable contributions to the whole.  And it is true, we are different, but not separate, as a baby finger is different from a thumb, but both are uniquely wonderful parts of the one hand, the whole body, the whole being and all of Divinity.

From this beautiful place of self-love, self-respect and self-allowance our 'cup runneth over' and the love spills forth into the field of our shared reality and we can see that the challenges that arise in our lives are blessings in disguise, here to help guide us, out of separation and back into unity consciousness, from whence we came and where we belong now.

This is the new human consciousness that I am trusting these increasingly strong and frequent contractions will bring; the one we are all waiting to see be born.  Our oneness, our unity consciousness, immersed in the interconnectedness of our shared Universal Love.   I invite you to join me in holding this vision together, as one.

© Josephine Laing 2017