Saturday, September 19, 2020

My COVID-19 Prevention Routine

Prevention, through a strong immune system, is always our best defense.  Washing hands and keeping our fingers away from our face, we already know.  Helping to mitigate the spread of this virus by minimizing our release of and contact with the droplets from "mouth rain," is also a good idea.  Simple sanitizing sprays or washing items with soap can be beneficial as well.  Hydrogen peroxide, (best to start with 30% as it has no stabilizing additives,) can be diluted to less than 1% and used in a nebulizer.  It creates a steam-like cool mist which can be inhaled.  I use it on days when I may have been exposed to lots of people or possible carriers of the virus, to help clear my sinuses and lungs.  (See Dr. Mercola's website for exact details on healing with h2o2.)  Take good care of yourself and know that if you do, you are going to be safe.  Then you can hold good thoughts and be well.  And, please enjoy this 7 minute video.

Please be advised that I am not a doctor.  Nor am I licensed in any healing modality.  However, I have had years of experience in alternative and complementary health and healing.  All healing programs, including standard western medical protocols in addition to natural therapies, can cause harm rather than the benefit that you may be searching for.  After all some people can have a strong reaction to something as seemingly innocent as peanuts or strawberries.  Therefore, anything that I may recommend in these blogs could be dangerous for you to try.  So, it is important that you Ask Your Doctor First before trying any natural healing protocol.  However, because most medical professionals have very little experience regarding natural healing programs that involve foods and herbal medicine, please be understanding if your doctor is unfamiliar with these ideas.

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