Monday, February 23, 2015

"Journaling - A Technique for Releasing Negative Thoughts,"

Join Josephine as she shares a simple technique involving journaling that can help us to transform and change negative thought patterns into positive ones.  This lets us stretch the envelope of our minds in order to embrace new ways of being that are more in accordance with our spiritual principles.

© Josephine Laing, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Zero Point and The God Particle

If we look at the atom, peering into the most minute elements of matter, we find that matter hardly exists at all.  In fact, at the quantum level, the level of electrons, protons and neutrons we find that the atom is comprised mostly of clear empty space.  There is as much space, in the very cells of our bodies as there is in the universe of stars overhead.  We and everything around us that we consider to be our world is made up of 99.9999999999999% clear empty space.  Isn't that amazing? 
Modern physics has built some of the largest machines in the world in order to study these smallest particles of matter.  These machines are known as particle separators.  In a gross oversimplification, they use magnets to zoom an atom around a gigantic track.  Then they smash it into a wall to separate it into its tiniest bits.  Then they observe what happens.  This has resulted in what has come to be known as "The God Particle" and it has boggled the minds of modern physicists because it is so elusive.

If a physicist believes this smallest element of nature is a particle, then it will behave as a particle and leave a little dent upon impact.  If another physicist believes this smallest element of nature is a wave, then it will behave as a wave and leave a little ripple upon the surface it impacts.  Now, going further round the bend, if the physicist, who believes this is a particle, sets up a camera to photograph the result, and then leaves the room, it will behave as a particle and a little dent will be captured on film.  If the other physicist, who believes it is a wave, sets up a camera to photograph the result, and then leaves the room, it will behave as a wave and a little ripple will be captured on film.  Hmmm…  This seems to indicate that what we believe affects the very nature of reality.

Now there is one more aspect to this that stretches our perceptions of everything we have come to know even further.  Physicist call it "The Zero Point."  At the most minute level of atomic reality our three dimensions of length, width and height are joined by the forth dimension of time.  We have known for some time now that time is different in outer space.  This is referred to as "time dilation" and has been confirmed by the slowing of atomic clocks aboard the Space Shuttle relative to earth bound clocks.  But here, at the quantum level, the level of 'The God Particle,' time seems to grind almost to a halt.  In fact it slows to 0.000000000 (add 40 more zeros here)% per second.  That is really, really slow.  It is so slow that all of our known time is squished together into just a few seconds.

At this level of reality, time is no longer a line.  It is more like the axle of a wheel with all time and all events accessible to us from that one center point.  From my point of view as a working psychic, herein enters a logical explanation for our ability to access our past lives and receive premonitions about the future.  And if we allow our conscious attention to ride on that clear space that is inside of us and that connects us all, one to the other, no wonder we can perceive what is going on in another person's body or in a building half a continent

These discoveries from the world of quantum physics help us to understand how we can do remote viewing or experience visitations from the afterlife.  And, if matter doesn't exist and time has slowed to a halt, then what we are left with is everything happening at once and nothing existing but our beliefs.  This sheds a whole new light on the power of our thoughts and beliefs and our incredible latent creative potential.  No wonder they call it 'The God Particle.'   

© Josephine Laing, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

Blessings and Group Prayers

Please enjoy this short video which includes my favorite mealtime blessing, some ideas on group prayer and a few common calls to prayer that can serve to remind us of our ability to reach for Universal Source and connection throughout our days.

© Josephine Laing, 2015