Monday, October 20, 2014

We're Working On It

Isn't it interesting to note that in people with Multiple Personality Disorder, one personality can be very sensitive to sugars in the diet, and have an advanced case of diabetes, while another personality in the same person, a mere moment later, can be absolutely disease free?  That's the incredible power for healing ability that each one of us holds inside of ourselves.  The trick lies in cultivating this skill, which we haven't yet learned.  But we're working on it.

It is our sub-conscious mind (SCM) that holds the potential for us to harness this ability.  This is the part of our consciousness that can accomplish that degree of healing instantaneously.  However, it's a very rare mind that has gained that type of control. 

The good news is that the SCM follows our directions.  It reasons logically and is our beloved protector, always dutifully following our deepest beliefs, even when we have long ago consciously forgotten them.  Its main language of communication is our emotions, either positive or negative.  It also responds very well to repetition.  

The SCM is the part of ourselves that we get in touch with when we access our brain's right hemisphere through hypnosis.  As we tap into the right side of our brain, which is connected to our higher consciousness, we can not only heal anxiety, depression, and addictive patterns, but we can also see tumors disappear, cartilage grow back, and even the "impossible diseases" turn around and heal.  

Think of a world, if you will, where all of our suffering drops away and we open ourselves to the beautiful creation of our heart's desire.  See in your mind's eye, if you can, teachers in schools offering techniques to the smallest children to help them positively manage and cope with their feelings and emotions.  We hold this potential in the palms of our hands and in the depths of our hearts.  It could free us all to find and live our true purpose every waking day.  

With journaling we can pour all of our negative thoughts out onto the paper and begin to notice our mental patterns.  Some of us have patterns of self-criticism, or self loathing.  Some of us are always complaining or choosing to take offense.  As we express ourselves and put our thoughts on the page, they don't need to constantly repeat themselves, like broken records.  Observing these patterns in ourselves lets us begin to make choices so that we can think differently.  

As we learn and start to apply basic spiritual practices like kindness, gratitude, understanding and forgiveness, not only do our negative patterns start to loosen their grasp, but our thoughts also change.  When our thoughts change, our beliefs change.  And now we are in the realm of that great powerhouse, the sub-conscious mind.  As our beliefs change our subconscious mind dutifully follows suit.  This is how we shift our paradigm.  

© Josephine Laing, 2014

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