Monday, October 6, 2014

Premonition, Synchronicities, Cards, and Coins: Allowing Spirit In

Spirit continuously steps in to assist us, often saving the day.  We can make room for guidance from spirit to more easily reach us.  Dreams, meditation, and prayer work wonders.  Or we can cast the Runes, the coins of the I Ching, or layout decks of cards.    Synchronicities can also point the way that will best ease our day.  For some of us,  it's deja vu and premonition that let inner guidance reach us.

In our dreams our physical bodies communicate through pictures.  Our higher self sends inspirations as well, in the form of images placed in our minds.  As we meditate we learn to quiet our minds.  This can allow information to flow into our conscious awareness from on high.  Our prayers are how we express our needs and our gratitudes, and engage in conversation with our own version of the divine. 

Some of us find guidance by laying out cards or casting the runes.  The symbols and the placement speak to us about where we've been and where we need to go, what qualities can bring us strength, and what might hold us back.  The I Ching is another mode of divination, meaning "to give the voice of the divine."  With this ancient Asian method of finding guidance the user tosses coins and makes note of where the coins lie, and if they are heads or tails. This leads the seeker to a passage in a book that can bring answers and insights to the questions asked. 

Another way that spirit can edge its way in is through synchronicity. We wake from a dream about a certain friend, that morning they call with an invitation to go swimming. We had plans to clean the garage, but because of the dream image we decide to go with them instead. At the water's edge we just happen to meet someone who needs something done, and we are just the person for the job. Synchronicities can channel us to right where we need to go. This is divine love saying, "Go this way, you'll like it."

Some lucky souls are granted the gift of premonition.  These individuals receive strong senses of knowing and inner guidance.  My mother was a premonition dreamer, and once or twice she saved our lives. We were so impressed by this skill that we never hesitated or doubted when she got that certain look in her eye. 

My brother inherited the gift of premonition as well.  One day he was driving on Mulholland highway, speeding and squealing around the turns, going way too fast.  Then suddenly, he got an image, blatantly and strongly, right in his mind.  It was of the front wheel of his car popping off its axle. This startled him so much that he slowed way down.  And on the next turn it happened.   His wheel came off and his disk brake plowed into the ground, saving him from sudden and certain death.

I often think about how our angels are watching over us.  I imagine his angel was riding on the front corner of the hood of his car, watching those bolts on that wheel.  When they started to get loose the angel zoomed that image right into his mind, getting his attention and causing him to make a change. This allowed him to live on to make a lifetime's worth of positive changes in the lives of others. 

When we are open to guidance in our lives, guidance comes.  It can be subtle or strong, it may follow a circuitous trail, but it brings us to right where we need to go.   

© Josephine Laing, 2014

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