Monday, March 28, 2016

Laughter Nourishes and Heals Us

Laughter feels so good!  It releases.  It relaxes.  It makes us feel whole.  So, why on earth do we all spend so much time being so serious?   You'd think we were suffering giant afflictions most of the time.  When really, the only thing we are suffering from is a lack of the habits of happiness and joy. 

Children laugh hundreds of times a day.  Adults only a few dozen, if we are lucky.  Some of us hardly laugh at all.  It is as if we think we will go farther or do better if we are serious most of the time.  And yet, the opposite is true.  When we laugh, we loosen up.  Inspirations flow while fresh and fun perspectives flood on in.  Laughter frees our breath and stimulates our immune systems.  It heals our bodies and our minds.   

I think that when we are laughing we are sharing our souls.  Laughter opens our hearts and brings us into the present.  It's like we are serving the finest desert to the Universe.  It occurred to me one day, years ago, that The Universe Feeds On Our Joy.  And it is our job to provide that kind of nourishment to not only the world around us, but to the heavens above as well.  And when we laugh out loud, we are handing out the sweetness and cream of our day.

So, let yourself laugh.  Remember to play.  Let it become a part of your day.  Frank and I literally chase each other around the house.  We play, 'Catch Me If You Can.'   We run and cut around the corners.  We hop up on and over the bed.  We grab and tickle each other and then fall gasping and laughing in each others arms.  It's easy and it makes life delightful.  So, play with the dog.  Entice the cat with a string.  Go outside and talk to the birds then laugh at yourself for trying.  It's fun to have fun.

Even tough times don't have to be so bad.  I have a friend who is somewhat unlucky in love.  But she never-the-less keeps on trying and she shares with me some of her more colorful exploits.  With only the slightest embellishments, real life becomes hilarious.  Years ago, I came across a pairing of experiences and sex was paired with humor.  I was young at the time and I thought, 'How could this be, sex is so serious and so intimate,' but really, when you think of it, hardly anything is funnier.  The subject of men and women is always ripe for a laugh.  

So, jump on in, crack up and think of how silly we all are, let it be funny and fun.  It will brighten your day and lighten the days of all who are around you.  Let your smiles turn to giggles and may your guffaws and peals of laughter ring through the heavens and bounce off the walls of your home.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

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