Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Communicating With The Natural World

We humans have been reading the subtle communications of nature ever since time began.  From the simple request of a cat wanting to be let outside to the complex structure of weather patterns, if we pay attention, we can tell what nature is saying.  We can also receive intent, inspirations and even energy from nature.  This does require a shift in our awareness and our beliefs.  Whatever we believe is true, whether it is that the glass is half empty or the glass is half full.  If we allow ourselves to believe that we can, we can!  This simple but profound shift is what lets us sense subtle energies from the worlds of animals and plants. 

Contemporary research has shown that plants communicate with each other, they cooperate, they eavesdrop on their neighbors, call out for help, and even nurture their young.  Plants do have a social side.  They behave more like animals, and thus like us humans, than we have formerly believed.  They don't have eyes or ears, but they do interact with their environments, and that includes us.  Not only does this happen on a purely physical level, but it can also happen on a more etheric level.

When we stand outside in nature, rooted in the present moment, we can enter our right brains.  This lets us be interconnected, nonjudgemental, expansive, open, creative, subtle, nuanced, and insightful.  We become filled with new and novel perspectives.  This lets us realize that we are full of possibility, while being completely aware of everything around us and one with all.  When we let ourselves do this we can easily hear the voices of nature.  

We use our right brain all the time.  When we walk, when we talk, everything that we do involves some of our right brain skills and function.  But it's our left brain, our analytical brain, that is dominant in our contemporary western culture.  This hasn't always been the case.  Ancient peoples the world round were well adept in right brain function.  They have long communed on deep and profound levels with nature.  We can reclaim this skill, quite easily, if we try.

I first began this exploration when I wondered, How in the world did people of old discover the medicinal qualities of the plants around us?  So I decided to go out into the garden and try it for myself.  I sidled up beside a Hypericum plant and sat in meditative silence.  I knew nothing about the medicinal qualities of these plants at the time.  But I decided to have a go at listening.  Why not?  And before I knew it I was feeling things in my body, I was receiving ideas as if they had been planted in my head.  I just let the Hypericum talk to me, and it was delighted to do so. To my great and pleasant surprise, everything I received was accurate. 

The natural world is just waiting for us to connect.  Why not step outside and give it a try? You might not be interested in medicine, but maybe you'll find that the answers to your problems, inspirations for things you'd like to do, or directions you'd like to take in life, will suddenly pop into your head.  You may even find that you like it.  

© Josephine Laing, 2014

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