Monday, July 11, 2016

Creating The Life That We'd All Love To Live

Join me now and everyday, twice a day, in creating a life for ourselves that we'd all love to see.  As you wake and as you drift into sleep, let yourself strengthen the muscles of creation through imagination.  Everything any one of us has ever achieved was first felt in our hearts, visualized in the mind, and then given our energy to it bring forth.  So, let's do this, let's create together a world that we'd all love.

Beginning with the microcosm of our own lives and moving out to the macrocosm of our planet in universal flow, let's start with our own center of energy.  This is known as the 'dan tien' or 'sea of chi' in Chinese medicine and it is located right near our navels.  This was the first source of our physical energy for us when we were in the womb.  And it is the place of power and life force energy for creation in our lives today. 

Get a sense of this area in your body and begin to fill it with your great love of life, love for your own life and love for all of life.  Let yourself see this as a small swirling galaxy of creative energy.  You may like to visualize it as thousands of little stars or as a golden swirl or as flowing white light.  However you see it, realize that it is full of potential, coalescing there, right in the center of your belly.  Know that it is imbued with your love and your best intentions for your self and for all. 

Let this energy move and swirl and begin to grow.  See it becoming larger, encompassing your whole abdomen, then flowing through and around your whole body.  Now, let it grow to include your auric space.  See it expanding even more, larger and larger, allowing it to fill the space of your home, then of your neighborhood, your community and your nation.  See it continuing to grow, this beautiful, swirling energy, embracing our whole world, our solar system, our galaxy and even the entire, ever-expanding universe that we all share.

Know that this beautiful swirling creative energy holds the totality of everything.  It can create and give to us whatever we desire and it can take away and transform whatever we no longer need.  It holds and allows the perfect balance of giving and receiving for each and every one of us right where we center ourselves in it's energetic flow. 

Here in this swirling flow, we are each nourished, find wholeness and become complete.  We are free to select and release whatever it is that we desire or need from this universal source of energy.  Here we are actively engaging with creation, in harmony with the highest good for ourselves and for all.

Now we can begin imagining what we would love to see in our lives.  Think of whatever that is for you and picture it, clearly, morning and night.  Know that the creative energy of the universe will align itself with you and your intention and help you to find your way spontaneously into the choices in your day to day life that will result in the manifestation of your vision.  Perhaps you will find yourself eating differently or playing more, maybe you bump into just the right person or take some simple action and all of these, subtly but steadily, begin to create the changes that you'd like to see in your life and in your world.  Your most beautiful future reaches out it's hand and gently pulls you right toward the life you'd most like to live.

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