Monday, June 6, 2016

An Elder's Simple Wisdom

A friend of mine was raised in Peru.  She was there recently visiting her elderly mother and was reminded of a beautiful instruction her mother had given to her when she was young.  It was this, "While you are out walking, it is good to sing and smile.  Then, no one will be afraid of you.  And if you can't sing, then whistle."  

My friend also said that while she was growing up they had a neighbor who would sing out his songs in a booming voice.  Everyone always knew where he was and how close to home he had come.  I shared this with my husband and he told me that one of the elders he had met sometimes said that it is a bad man who has no song in his heart.  

Such profound and simple wisdoms, and we know them to be true.  Most all of the time, when we hear someone singing or whistling as they walk by, we are instantly put at ease, especially if they grace us with a nice friendly smile.  

After a severe head injury, another friend of mine was very distressed to realize that upon awakening she no longer had a song playing in her mind.  She mourned and wept for the loss and then was ecstatic some months later as her healing progressed and her day-to-day songs were returned to her once more. 

Some years back, still another friend of mine shared that her daughter had found the man she wanted to marry and introduced him to her parents.  I asked my friend how she liked the young man.  She said, "He's great!"  We love him!  And guess what, he whistles!"  She was overjoyed because as she said, "It's always the sign of a happy heart."

Our brains and hearts and minds are remarkable and as we sing and whistle and smile we connect with others and feel that all is right with the world.  And we stride forward into the beautiful moment of Now.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

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