Monday, February 29, 2016

A Super Moon Solar Eclipse

There is something fun happening in the heavens and I thought I'd take us all on a little journey into an astrological perspective of the week ahead of us.  On March 8th, we are having a Super Moon.  Because of our moon's position in its rotation around the earth, it will be coming quite close to us.  So its gravitational effect will be stronger than usual.  The moon is the heavenly body that is about nurturing, emotions, instincts and vulnerability.  So, chances are that these areas in our lives will have a stronger more powerful influence on us all.  And this will be a new moon.  The moon can appear to us as full or partial depending on how much of its bright side, (the side which is reflecting the sun,) is visible to us on earth. When the moon is new, it heralds new beginnings, fresh perspectives, optimism, hope and faith.  Doesn't that sound nice? 

Then, as well, on March 8th, we have a total Solar Eclipse.  This means that the sun will be shadowed by the moon as the moon will be passing directly between the earth and the sun.  The eclipse won't be visible here in California, but a Solar Eclipse is like a giant new moon.  The light and electrical emissions from the sun are temporarily blocked.  This can be like turning off and then re-starting your computer and it brings with it a huge dose of new beginnings, while refining our personal energy.  As this eclipse exerts its effect on us, we may find ourselves wanting to be with people who are congruent with these new vibrations that we are feeling.  And as we move into harmony with this energy, things can move ahead very quickly for us.

This particular eclipse is happening at 18 degrees and 55 minutes inside the constellation of Pisces.  So it will affect all of us slightly differently depending on where 18 degrees of Pisces is in your birth chart.  This information is easy to find and quite freely available on the internet.  All you need to do is go to any free astrological chart website like and give your birth date, time and location.  Your chart will be instantly generated.  The house and or planets where 18 degrees of Pisces falls in your chart will be full of new or unexpected opportunities for you.  And this position will also have an affect on how it relates to the other planets and placements in your chart.

Being as this Solar Eclipse is in the planet of Pisces, there will be a very Piscean nature to this event.  Pisces is the constellation of compassion and sensitivity.  It holds the mystical, the spiritual and the intuitive.  So trust your gut intuition.  Surrender to a higher intelligence, knowing that the solar eclipse will expand it all.  This time will be full of creativity, healing and personal revelation.  And as is the case with all new beginnings, there will be things that we need to let go of in order to be able to receive the new.

This Solar Eclipse will be very liberating on many levels and it promises to expand our consciousness with new insights and revelations.  So pay attention to your dreams.  See if they bring you any new ideas or ways to heal.  Perhaps you can find fresh approaches to old problems that will suddenly bring resolve.  Be open to miracles and then sit back and let yourself be carried on the wisdom of the stars.  Listen, look within, let go and enjoy the ride.  

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