Monday, August 17, 2015

What the Bee Said.

My friend Kassandra grew up feeling more comfortable with the animals in her life than she was with the people.  Her parents and siblings were sometimes volatile while her dogs, cats and rescued baby wild animals were consistently loving, appreciative and kind. We all respond well to gentleness.  And gentle is what Kassandra was.  

Many people can remember talking with their animals telepathically while they were children.  I do, and so did my friend, Kassandra.  But, she simply never let go of that skill.  Then, seeing a need as an adult, she began offering her services as an animal communicator.  She would help concerned owners to understand the underlying problems their animals were experiencing.  That is how I met Kassandra.  A friend told me about her and I had a question about my horse's well-being.  So, Kassandra came out to the barn and put both my horse's and my own mind at ease.

As the years went on, Kassandra and I got to know each other quite well and became friends.  One day, we were out walking and came upon three hebe bushes in full bloom.  They had lovely purple and white flower spikes that were rising up from the tips of all their branches.  They were putting on a beautiful display and hundreds of bees were busily buzzing around them gathering nectar. 

I wondered if Kassandra had ever spoken with an insect, so I asked her.  She said to me in her characteristic drawl, "What do you want to know, Josephine?"  I thought for a moment and asked, "Do bees know God?"  Kassandra turned toward the hebes and bees.  She got quiet for a moment with a open expression on her face.  Then, instantaneously one individual bee came right up to us, hovering just two feet away from our faces and remained perfectly placed in the air before us.  Kassandra's eyes grew a little wider and then she said, "The bee says, 'We all serve The One.'"  With that and my understanding of her words, our bee zipped away and became lost in the crowd of her fellows busily working away.

All of life holds such incredible beauty and profound wisdom to share.  May we all remember how to listen with such care.

© Josephine Laing, 2015

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