Monday, December 26, 2016

Healing Tooth Cavities Naturally

Please enjoy this short video on how I healed a cavity in my tooth, naturally, with no drilling, just using a simple and easily available herbal formula. 

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Three Taboos

Throughout much of the modern world, we have historically had three great taboos: sex, death and finances.  In recent decades these have been coming up for healing.  It is always best if we deny nothing.  We can push things away for a time, but in the end they will be made known.  Such is the case with taboos. 

When I was a girl, back in the 1960’s we collectively faced our sexual taboo.  It was so amazing for me to watch as 'The Summer of Love' raised itself up, with it's pinnacle at The Haight, in San Francisco, in my home state of California.  As this change swept over our nation, women’s liberation and gay rights were soon free to be born.  The environmental movement and AIM followed suit as the feminine principle began to rise.

Then in the 1990’s the taboo of death began to be addressed.  My father was wholly unable to face the reality of his inevitable death and he, like many others of his generation, could neither speak nor think of his death.  Death was the enemy to be avoided at all costs and the standard western medical model of healing was the savior.  

Then, the need to release that outmoded ideology began to surface.  Culturally, we could no longer deny the reality of death.  Exercises addressing the prospect of death and dying began to enter our collective minds.  These have grown in acceptance and in popularity as the years have progressed.  Now, with the Hospice Movement, death has re-entered the home and our loved ones and their time to go is embraced with dignity and allowance. 

But, our third great taboo, financial transparency has still not yet been culturally addressed.  We have great disparity of wealth, not only among our friends and family members, in our neighborhoods and nation-wide, but also, and grossly so, around the world.  This has resulted in untold amounts of personal suffering along with a separation from the love and oneness that we know we all share.  And that is the key here, we only need to learn how to share.

Even among my closest friends, I have little idea about their financial situations.  People can get fired from their jobs in this country if they even so much as discuss their income figures with their co-workers.  This is still the great and firmly entrenched taboo of the western world.
So, the other morning, I found myself up early, before the day was fully awake, sitting in the softest light of the soon-to-be rising sun.  I had been asking myself over the last few weeks what this new situation at the pinnacle of our nation’s government was about.  Knowing that Divine Creator has a hand in everything, I was hoping for an insight, and then one came.  Without a thing on my mind, in that still sleepy morning light, it dropped in to my awareness, and I heard the words, “Financial Transparency.”  Instantaneously I knew that this was the answer to my question.  The time has come upon us now for this last, final great taboo to rise up for its healing.

May we all be blessed in this Holiday Season with equality and love.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Detoxify With Green Juice

In this short five minute video, I give my tips for procuring, storing and creating a healthful and nutritious green juice which will help you to detoxify your body while it boosts your energy and vitality.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Metamorphosis, Imaginal Cells and Transformation

We Americans use a lot of the world's resources.  I've heard it said that it would take five planet earths if we were to provide all of humanity with the same amount of resources that Americans use.  That is a pretty huge footprint.  And it reminds me of the gluttonous way that a caterpillar ravages a garden just before it embarks on its transformation. 

As a little tiny baby caterpillar hatches out from its egg case, it eats progressively more and more plant material.  As the days and weeks pass by, it begins to consume many times its own weight per day.  This leaves the plants it has been feasting on devastated.  And the caterpillar begins to succumb to the need for a deep sleep.  It prepares it's bower, camouflaged and hanging down from the boughs of the plants that have sustained its massive appetite.  Protected in this dormant state, its outer shell hardens and the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis. 

Now, this is where things get really interesting.  The immune system of the caterpillar begins to be called into play.  Rogue cells that have been lying dormant in the body of the caterpillar start arising.  These are stem cells and they have an entirely different genetic makeup.  The immune system of the caterpillar repeatedly kills these cells, but more and more of them keep arising.  Soon the immune system of the caterpillar is overcome.  Meanwhile, the stem cells, known as "Imaginal Cells," continue forming.  As these imaginal cells proliferate, they begin to create a brand new animal, the butterfly.  Slowly but surely the genes of the butterfly, which were there all along, replace those of the caterpillar and the metamorphosis is complete.

Those of us who have embarked on a journey of self discovery soon realize that change is the only constant in the Universe.  Everything comes and goes.  We see similar patterns of transformation throughout nature and the world.  Infants become adults, frogs emerge from plump little tadpoles, mountains become hills, lakes become meadows and volcanoes arise from the molten depths of the earth.  We learn to accept these changes and to move with them, rather than fight against them.  

Sometimes we may have to tuck in for a long dark night of the soul, something rather like a chrysalis stage, in between our various metamorphoses.  I find it helps to remember that Divine Creator has a hand in everything.  We wouldn't want to kill a caterpillar, because then we wouldn't have the butterfly. 

So, here in the Northern Hemisphere, during the longest nights of the year, it might be worthwhile to ask ourselves, “What have we been overindulging in?  What are we resisting?  What might we imagine?”  Who have we been and who are we changing into?  How is this occurring on both a personal level, and a global level?  What kind of normal development would we collectively like to see after our embryonic stage is complete?

These might be some nice questions for all of us to meditate on. Who knows what beauty might soon begin to arise from the depths of our beings.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cleaning Your Sinuses

Please enjoy this delightful and short little video on how you can help yourself keep healthy.  This simple technique lets you avoid catching colds.  It also prevents bacterial and viral infections.  Using a little warm water and some good quality sea salt, you will learn a quick way to clean your sinuses.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Of Hearts and Horses

I was thirteen when I bought my four year old mustang mare.  I had saved up my babysitting money for two years and then by the grace of an incorrect address, I found the first love of my life.  She was a golden buckskin with a black mane and tail.  Sure footed and strong, she brought balance, inspiration and riches beyond belief to my young life. 

My mother was ill and took to her bed for most of the years of my teens.  The pressures of school and working in our family business left me in need of just what my horse could provide: freedom, joy, a sense of personal power and a deep heart connection.  Whenever I could, I would head for the hills with my beautiful mare.  I'd pocket a few morsels to share with her and there we would be, together, in nature, all day long, dwelling in the eternal moment of now.    

Since she was an adult and I was just a kid when we got started together, I figured she knew better than me in most situations.  Plus, my meager purchase price left the saddle, bridle and the show ring out of the question, so we never developed the, "Teach the horse who's boss," type of relationship.  Instead, we made most of our decisions together, by consensus, and that didn't really change much as I grew older.  With her superior sensory abilities and well developed intuition, she had many times over proven herself to be the wiser one.  And that held true for the almost four decades that we shared together.

A relationship of this sort is truly extraordinary, and I feel Divinely blessed to have found my way into it.  But then again, almost all deep relationships with horses are just as remarkable as mine.  Be it the humble milkman with his wise equine helper who knows just where to stop and how long to wait, or the sturdy little neighborhood pony who teaches all the children not only how to ride, but solid principles of respect and good manners as well.  Horses can be beautiful, inside and out, and given half a chance, they shine brighter than gold.

Research in recent years has shown the contribution to our relaxation and healing that animals can provide.  They calm our hearts and lower our blood pressure.  Animal-assisted therapies, especially those involving horses, have long been known to bring improvement to the psychological lives of humans.  In taming wild mustangs, rough inner-city teens find that they have tamed themselves.

A month or two ago, I came across a piece of research that shed a little more light on the ability that horses have to enrich our lives.  Horses have very large hearts, not only emotionally, but physically as well.  And their hearts are oscillators.  Anything that holds a steady beat or impulse sends it's rhythm out into it's immediate environment.  This rhythm is picked up by smaller oscillators in the area.  And smaller oscillators generally tend to align themselves with the larger oscillators.  In this study, owners sat with their horses while both wore electrodes.  The results showed that calm and happy horses definitely do positively impact our hearts and thus our lives.  By calming our hearts and minds, they bring us a sense of deep inner peace.  And peace within is the first step to peace all around. 

So, if you get a chance, give yourself the gift of spending a little time around horses.  Let their big hearts put your little heart at ease.  Allow yourself to find the love that is ever so sweetly and patiently waiting there for you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Good Eye Wash

Many of us are afraid to get our eye wet when we have gotten something in it.  Please enjoy this short video on how to easily and safely clean your eye.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Draw What You Want

Here is a wonderful little trick that I learned years ago for manifesting what you'd like in life.  It's simple and it works great.  All you need to do is draw it.  A very rough sketch will do.  Then, post it somewhere visible so you will see it and be reminded of it regularly.

Changing our thoughts is like changing a habit.  Too often we get stuck in the old pattern, repeating what we don't want over and over again.  Our thoughts are very creative.  The thoughts we think either desired or undesired are like tracks that are being laid down for our reality to follow.  So it is a good idea for us to notice and pay attention to our thoughts.

A few weeks back, I realized that I was beginning to have fearful thoughts about something.  It was troubling me very deeply.  But there was an alternative.  There was more positive outcome that I could imagine.  So, I stopped, grabbed a hold of myself, and grabbed a pen and a little note paper.  I did a quick little sketch of what I would like to see happen.  

My drawing was a very scribbled portrayal with only the rudiments of perspective.  The paper was small in size being only a few inches across and the whole thing was completed in under five minutes time.  Though it was very sketchy, it got the point across.  I gave it a title across the top and placed it prominently on the dashboard of my car so I'd see it every time I went some where.

It made me smile to see this little drawing and within two or three days I had completely dropped my fear based thinking.  I began celebrating instead.  I'd get in the car and call out "Yeah!"  I could see it, I could feel it, and I began to know that this would be true for me.  My whole attitude throughout the day began to brighten.  Then, quite naturally, within a week or two, things started to take a turn for the better.

We can all do this to great effect in our lives.  We can visualize what we'd like to see.  Then we can infuse it with positive emotion, celebrating the desired change, and begin to reap the reward.

Another way to do this is using collage.  If you feel insure about sketching, try cutting out photos from some old magazines.  You can use these to help you create an image of what you'd like to see.  Paste them together on some paper and set it some where where you will see it.  Then remember to let yourself celebrate.  Delight in the positive change.  Do a little happy gratitude dance by tapping your feet, while turning around and waggling both hands in the air. 

Both techniques, either collage or sketching, will work, but I prefer the sketching.  There is something fun and silly about little stick figure type drawings that aren't perfect but get the point across.  And I also think that the level of creativity is higher with drawing and that is what we are trying to do here, create!  

So be bold.  Give it a try and see how drawing what you want helps you to accomplish just exactly that in your life.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Overheating Therapy

In this six minute video you will learn a powerful therapy for ridding the body of dangerous pathogens using overheating therapy.  This can be done in either a sauna or a bath giving your glands and organs a good opportunity to clean themselves.  The increased body temperatures move your blood allowing more nutrients into your cells while getting more toxins out.

Monday, October 24, 2016

How To Change

We know that if we change our thinking, we change our life.  But therein lies the rub.  How do we go about changing our thinking?  Research tells us that 95% of the thoughts that we had yesterday are the same thoughts that we will have today.  Our minds and bodies prefer the familiar patterns that we have grown accustomed to.  This holds true even in the case of difficult patterns like accepting neglect or abuse.  It generally takes something big to wake us up to change.

Most of the people, who successfully make changes in their lives, have experienced something fairly major like a bad diagnosis or the death of a friend.  These big emotional experiences open our eyes wide, so we can freshly see who we have been and who we have become.  This is when we suddenly find ourselves free to choose differently.  We see where the old thought patterns have taken us and we decide that we don't prefer that version of our reality anymore.

For me, it was three major injuries back to back, requiring two separate years spent in bed and ten consecutive years focused on healing my body.  There is a saying that I love about how God helps us to change.  It is this, "First she throws a pebble, then she throws a brick."  Some of us, myself included have required the brick in order to bring about change.  How much nicer it would be to respond to the pebble.  A much gentler course indeed. 

So, how do we initiate that more gentle 'wake-up call?'  Fortunately it is fairly simple.  One of the traits of successful change is to become more conscious, more present-moment focused, more active in the right hemisphere of our brain.  Another way that we can help ourselves to change our thinking is through knowledge and understanding.  The more we know about our new potential way of being, the more we can embrace it. 

While it is true that trauma can catapult us into these types of changes quickly, we can also bring about quick personal changes in these more gentle ways.  As we increase our knowledge and understanding we see why we'd like to change.  Keep that new information flowing; read books on the subject; notice how other people do it.  Spend more time around those who focus there, where you want to be.  Infuse your awareness with the positive emotions associated with the changes you are choosing in the present moment.  Let those emotions be big.  Bigger than the brick.  Soon this will become the new habit, and the old familiar patterns simply fall away.   

Fortunately our habit minds, our sub-conscious minds, reason logically and follow orders from our conscious mind.  This is why intention plus attention brings manifestation.  We grab the meaning behind our will to change, which is our intention and then give it our full attention by staying in the present moment with it.  We focus on it.  We watch how other people do it.  We gather new and novel approaches to solving the problems of our lives and that holds our energy to the changes that we wish to make.  

In my mother's day, people would tie a string around their finger, as a reminder for themselves. That little string would constantly get their attention and help them to remember.  In this case, we might use that little trick to help us remember how and what we want to think.

And then, just like me, injured for those many years, we need something that helps us to drop our former sense of self, our belief in who we are and who we have been.  This can happen when we go away on a new vacation or an adventure.  Another way that we can help ourselves to embrace our new changes is through meditation, especially if we do this in the early morning while we are first waking up, or at night, just before we fall sleep.  As we infuse our our bodies and minds with the emotions of the new desired state of being, then the reality of it quite naturally follows.

I'll leave you with this little affirmation that I learned during the time while I was gaining knowledge for change.  It helped me to catch myself and stay in the present moment in order to embrace the new.  I would say this to myself whenever my old thought patterns would try to assert themselves.  It is a very polite and loving affirmation.  And it is addressed to the dutiful habit mind which is still trying to hold onto the old thought patterns.  It goes like this, "Thank you for sharing.  You used to serve me well, but you no longer serve me now.  I now choose differently and reap the rewards of those new positive changes in my life,"  Then give yourself a big smile and feel how good it feels.  

Bless you on your journey of gentle change into a healthier and more joyous life.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Clearing the Lungs

Here is a simple old time remedy for relieving lung congestion.  Essential oils or fresh plant parts can be placed in boiling water, then using a towel to make a steam tent you can help yourself heal.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Amazing Gift That Our Awareness Brings

There was a study done in the South with Hotel maids that Dr. Joe Dispenza refers to in his talks.  He is the one who has done so much work on the placebo effect and how our beliefs affect our reality.  In this study, the hotel maids were divided into two groups.  One group was given information and the other group was not.

Hotel maids get a lot of exercise all day long.  They are bending and stooping, scrubbing floors and flipping mattresses.  They haul heavy bundles, using their muscles and burning lots of calories.  Hotel maids typically burn more calories than they eat, and they often exceed the surgeon general's recommendation for exercise.  

The benefits of ample exercise are numerous.  The body becomes more trim, excess pounds melt away, waist lines get slimmer, and self esteem rises.  The first group of hotel maids in the study was given this information about the benefits that lots of exercise brings and they were told about the science behind these findings.  They were given the knowledge.  The second group was not told.  For them it was just business as usual.

After one month, just thirty days, the maids in the first group showed a marked increase in all of the benefits.  They lost weight, their waists were smaller and they felt better about themselves.  The second group, performing all of the same tasks as the first group, experienced no change.

Knowledge, and the awareness of it, is amazing.  The understanding of how exercise positively affects one's health, that knowledge, was the only difference between the two groups of hotel maids.  The more we understand something, the more we can  create a better experience and see positive results.

Back in 1930's, during the Great Depression, my husband's father was trying to get a job.  He got into a long line of men who were applying for a position as a metal spinner.  This kind of work requires upper body coordination and while he waited, he watched.  The stance, the pressure, the steadiness, all made the difference between a good outcome or a bad one.  By the time it was his turn he had a pretty good understanding of what was needed.  He did the trial, performed it well and got the job.  

If we watch carefully and pay attention to how something is done, we get better at it.  But if we don't give it our full attention and just muddle through fairly unconsciously, we won't see much improvement.  'The same old' approach yields 'the same old' results. Whereas, the more aware we are, using our five senses while being consciously present, actually staying in the present moment, the more knowledge we gain.  And as we better understand what we are doing, with purpose behind it, then we see good positive outcomes.

This process of engaging our awareness takes us out of what is familiar and into what is new.  And therein lies the mechanics for making desired changes in our lives.  We leave behind the same old familiar routines that made us feel stuck and embrace the new by gaining knowledge either through education or through our five senses.  Then by staying present or aware of the new knowledge, we make changes for the better.  And that is the amazing gift that our awareness brings to us.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hot and Cold Water Therapy

Stimulate your circulation to carry away toxins and bring nutrition to all of the cells of your body including your glands and organs by using hot and cold water therapy right in your own home.  This tried and true old time recipe speeds the healing and is easy to do.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Should I Eat?

Each one of us is so unique and different that it is no wonder that our diets vary so greatly.  Some of us seem to do better with casseroles, while others among us feel weighted down with cooked foods and prefer salads and fruits.

However, we humans are very adaptable and we can survive quite well and even thrive on any number of foods, even when it is the same food day in and day out.  The Inuit, the indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions, eat primarily meat and fish.  Nordic peoples, who have traditionally followed the herds, drink milk and eat yogurt and cheese.  Asians tend toward rice and vegetables, with a very little bit of meat used as a seasoning.  

For thousands of years, the indigenous people of Central Coastal California, ate a diet of nearly 80% acorn.  They had it every morning as porridge and often again for lunch and dinner.  This is something that hardly anyone thinks of eating today, but acorn flour is not only delicious, it is also very nutritious.  And it served the people who lived here very well for millennia.  This is just one more example of how versatile our diets can be.  

One of my cousins has had a very interesting realization with her two children.  While she was pregnant with her eldest, she was a vegetarian and ate lots of pasta, bread and cheese with her veggies.  She also had a sweet tooth and enjoyed her deserts and fruits.  Then, when she became pregnant with her second child, she developed gestational onset diabetes and had to radically change her diet in order to keep her blood sugars low.  So, for the duration of that pregnancy, out went the sweets and she began to eat meat and had that with her vegetables for almost every meal.  The diabetes went away and she eats that way to this day. 

Now, a decade later, guess what her children eat?  You got it.  Her eldest won't touch meat, loves the carbs, dairy and fruit, while her youngest only wants animal protein.  He will eat his vegetables, but he doesn't care much for sweets or fruit.  Isn't that interesting?  

To me, all of this says that all bets are off.  What feels right, might just be what is familiar.  And more likely, just about anything that keeps us fueled and feeling healthy will do.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Power of Astragalus

In this short video you will learn how to make a simple herbal extract.  You will also learn how you can build your immune system with Astragalus.  Josephine also shares how to use Astragalus alternating with Echinacea for a healing regime.  Astragalus can also be added to a homemade soups for boosting health.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My IONS Consciousness Cruise

For the two or three weeks leading up to the Consciousness Cruise with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), I was getting progressively nervous about my presentation.  Most of these folks are extremely well educated and they take their sciences very seriously.  Often in conversation, it's not just which college degree they have, but how many PhDs they hold.  So, speaking with my usual informality, throwing terms around like right brain and left brain, wouldn't wash well with this crowd.  After all, the two hemispheres of the brain, though distinctly different are integrally interconnected and it's really not as simple as having an analytical side vs. an intuitive side.

I was near panic a few days before our departure, flooding myself with various articles and documents about psychic ability when my sweet husband calmed all my fears with a simple statement.  He said to me, "They may be smart, really smart, but when it comes to an actual working experience of psychic ability, you are the authority here."  With those words, I realized he was right.  I calmed right down, got my ideas in order and relaxed about the whole thing.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a non-profit organization founded by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  As he and his fellow astronauts returned from their trip to the moon, he saw our earth, floating in the sea of space, and realized that all of his technological education and experience had not even begun to touch upon the depth of awareness that he felt in that moment.  He had a knowing, a noetic experience, that we are all connected and that our world and the universe is conscious.  When he returned to earth, he devoted himself to the Study of Consciousness and the collective transformation of our human potential.

Since the Institute's inception in 1973, IONS has blossomed into an international organization with community groups throughout the world.  For several years now, a number of the community groups have been enjoying Consciousness Cruises, as a forum in which to share ideas that can make a positive difference in the world.  It was almost like attending a series of TED talks, while floating through the Inside Passage, those multitudinous islands off the west coast of Canada and Alaska.

As with all IONS events, there is a focus on the science behind recognizing that we are all a part of an interconnected whole.  The motivating force is to create a shift in consciousness worldwide, so that we are inspired to take action to help humanity and the planet thrive.  The researchers and support teams at IONS conduct, advance, and broaden the science of what connects us so that we can all reach new understandings about the nature of reality and our extended human capacities.  This then empowers people to apply conscious awareness in their personal lives, in healthcare, in business and in education using the real-world tools that are created from what is learned.

There were a number of presenters on the ship and all were great.  We heard from luminaries in the world of consciousness research and change like Rupert Sheldrake, Jill Purce, Peter Russell and Cassandra Vieten.  Rupert spoke of the dogmas in science that are limiting our worldview.  Jill demonstrated how our voice and working with our family patterns can free us.  Peter explored our transformation of consciousness through meditation and Cassandra gave us details of Edgar Mitchell's and IONS vision.

We also enjoyed talks about healing violence through wholeness with Douglas Bonar, embracing our wake up calls with Peter Hesse, mimicking nature's patterns for spiritual growth and evolution with Curtis Adney and implementing paradigm shifts through understanding indigenous consciousness with Milt Markewitz.  These along with a host of other brilliant presentations and healing demonstrations made for a remarkable journey.

We humans are always looking for ways to expand and improve our knowledge.  And this can come to us through the advancement of our powers of perception.  So often we are taught what to learn, not how to learn.  And just as the electron microscope helped us to understand our world better, so can our other enhanced tools of perception.  It has been my experience that the extended capacities of our human minds are vastly under explored and under appreciated.  So this is why I like to teach how to develop our psychic abilities.  As we learn more about our extra sensory perceptions, we can create more knowledge.  And knowledge helps us to evolve and grow.

We all did a survey before our departure to see which talks would likely be the most popular and thus well attended.  Fortunately mine scored very highly.  So I was given one of the prime times in the really big room on the first day, just before lunch.  It was while we were passing through a particularly beautiful part of the inland passage with snow covered peaks and glaciers reaching down to the ocean.  We did the final exercises for my talk up on deck with the cool Alaskan Air and bright blue skies punctuated with the mountain tops on either side of us.

Of course everyone had extraordinary psychic connections because we all are already psychic.  We are born that way.  We just need a little nudge to help us realize it.  And that is what I did in my talk.  I gave us lots of little nudges with colorful stories from my life, designed to open our minds.  I then punctuated these with simple little exercises that (loosely speaking) opened our right brains.  My presentation was called, "Wake Up Your Psychic Ability," and that was exactly what happened.  And everyone loved it.

With my talk all done and over with, right at the start, I was free to enjoy myself fully for the duration of the cruise.  I swam in the pool which was filled with icy cold Alaskan ocean water and got chilled to the bone every day for an hour at a time.  It was fabulous and so healing.  Nothing can jump start your health quite like really, really cold water.   Frank and I had fun on the water slides and warmed up afterward in the saunas and steam rooms.  And the food was incredible.  They had an excellent Indian chef on board and you could order whatever you wanted.  I loved the appetizers, the soups and salads, and would sometimes have two or three of them instead of choosing a main dish.

Then there were the shore excursions.  We saw Victoria by night in a horse drawn trolley.  We walked through a forest to come to a large hand hewn cedar plank tribal clan house and visited the many Tlingit totem poles there.  But the highlight of the trips for me was the dog sled ride.

The Alaskan Iditarod and other racing dogs need weight training exercise during the summer months.  Pulling a wheeled cart with four tourists and a musher on board is an excellent way for them to get in shape.  And these dogs LOVE to pull.  They can hardly wait to go.  When the hand brake is released, the cart lurches forward amidst a cacophony of yips and eager barks.  We went racing through the deep forest with the dogs bounding ahead, pulling left and then right around the turns as we whisked along the wooded trail.  Before and after our ride, we got to meet and pet the dogs who were all so sweet and welcoming.  And after our wild ride was complete we were invited to meet the puppies.  In order to help them become socialized, all of the puppies needed holding and petting.  So we were blessed with  face licking and hair biting as they expressed their affections and we all delighted in their playfulness and personalities.

We all had a truly wonderful time. And in the days that followed my talk, so many of the IONS group members came up to me and expressed their true appreciation for my presentation.  They told me that mine was their favorite and showered me with compliments.  It filled my heart with joy.  I couldn't have been happier with the outcome and I am still beaming over it all to this day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cordials, An After Dinner Treat

Our homemade healing herbal extracts can be used to make beautiful cordials that can help us to heal and sleep well.  Please enjoy this short video that demonstrates how we can create a delightful sipping treat with a little pure maple syrup and some lovely organic cream or coconut milk to enjoy at the end of the day.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Final Judgement Day

What if the final judgement day is just that, the day when we all finally stop judging?  I think that is when we will enter the gates of heaven and it will be right here on earth, while we are alive.  We don't need to die to find Nirvana.  Many of those among us who are living have gone there and come back to tell us the tale.  Jill Bolte Taylor, with her book, My Stroke of Insight and Anita Moorjani with her's, Dying To Be Me, have both already shown us the way.

When Jill found herself only in her right brain consciousness after suffering a massive blood clot in the left hemisphere of her brain, she experienced the euphoria of oneness.  She found herself totally immersed in the magnificence of the energy around her and became the life force power of the universe.  She said that her experience was beautiful, compassionate and loving.  And when Anita died from end stage cancer in 2006, she realized while in the depths of her near death experience that God was not a being, external to her, but a state of being that is a part of her.  She explained that the God-self is accessible to everyone of us, when we shift from judgement to compassion and understanding.

Anita went on to share her view of hardened criminals, saying that they are only acting out of their own pain and fear and that their actions are fully understandable from a compassionate, empathetic pint of view.  This perception let her drop judgement and fear.  She was also able to see that it was her fears that had created the choices in her life that resulted in her disease.  Releasing those fears and opening up to her God-self caused her disease to vanish.

All of this seems like a very good idea to me.  What do you say we try a little experiment in consciousness and explore the edges of human evolution.  Let's develop our right brain awareness and drop our judgement by reaching for understanding and see what happens.  It sure would be nice to step into heaven on earth and have that final judgement day.  I'm game.  How about you?

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Growing Our Consciousness Through Right Brain Awareness

Humanity has accomplished such great strides with our technological advancements.  But I think that our next great human evolutionary step will not involve technology or be external, I think it will be biological and internal, through the way that we think and perceive our world.  Though generalizations about the traits of our right and left brain are overly simplified, they do serve to inform us about how we process information and the way that we think.  

Both of our brain hemispheres are completely separate.  They do communicate fluidly from left to right, but each processes information and thinks about things in completely different ways.

Nearly all of our modern advancements have happened through what are loosely known as our left brain skills.  Here we use our analytical thought to evaluate past experiences and critically consider future possibilities.  Our predominantly right brain skills certainly come into play with flashes of insight, however, it is what is thought of as the left brain, that is the work horse, when it comes to the current day human achievements like air travel and weaponry for defense.   

And indeed, all of our physical body movement, perceptual and thinking skills involve both sides of our brain, but what is important here is what serves us for our understanding.  So, please forgive me for using these generalizations, but they help us to more clearly understand our strengths and our deficiencies.  

With that in mind, we can see our modern Western cultural way of being as the end product of what can be thought of as an essentially left-brain-focused thought filled world.  And we have indeed accomplished much.  But the spotlight has thus far always been on "me," rather than "we."  A typical example of this might be something like, "Better profits for my corporation," at the unfortunate but "necessary" expense of a loss of biological diversity.  

It seems to me, that the time has come for us to consider the more holistic, more all-encompassing, more right-brain view if we are going to survive these kinds of "side effects" from what could be called our non-inclusive left brain perspective.  

So, one might ask, "How do we switch to a more holistic view?"  The good news is that we don't have to re-invent the wheel.  It's all already been done before.  Many of the indigenous cultures that have preceded our Western one, here in North America, were well aware of the tendency toward what can be called left brain dominance.  They intuitively understood the long term survival benefits of a more right brain focused way of thinking and incorporated it into their way of life.

These cultures did this through the use of pictographs instead of words, storytelling and oral traditions instead of written languages.  They knew that time spent in ceremony or fasting or in vision quests opens the psyche to inspiration, imagination and flashes of insight.  Art and creativity, music and dance, additionally are key aspects to what can be called a right brain embracing world view.  

Another cultural skill set, loosely attributed to the right brain, is the well developed use of the senses in the present moment: feeling the direction of the wind, listening for sound, tasting the plants or the water.  When these habits become a part of everyday life they bring us to the here and now or present moment consciousness.  They also help bring our awareness to the bigger picture.  We see the whole forest, not just the one tree.

As we continue to wake up to the problems inherent in our essentially more analytical and self focused view, I see us making changes accordingly.  The women's spirituality movement is rich with ceremony.  Personal retreats, where one can receive insights and inspiration, are gaining popularity.  Yoga, photography, music, art and dance are being seen as valuable, albeit largely missing, components for education in our schools.  And the environmental movement, women's liberation, gay rights and AIM are all helping us to be more inclusive and to see the bigger picture.  This is what could be known as the right brain rising.  Now all we have to do is to let it come into play more fully by stepping into this magic that already exists in me and in you.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hawthorne Berry Tea for the Heart

My favorite heart healing recipe is so simple you won’t believe it and it provides fabulous support for the health of your heart.  Enjoy this short video to find out all about it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Healing Properties of Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is a lovely beverage that is known for it’s many health giving qualities.  Please enjoy this short video on how to make ginger tea from the root.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Neither Inferior Nor Superior

My mother was star-struck.  She grew up on a farm in Nebraska and fell in love with celebrities.  When she was older, she moved to Hollywood and was still in awe of them.  But then she met and married my father, and his mother was a founding member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.  Almost every weekend, my mother, who became a writer, and my grandmother, who was a British correspondent, would go together to the Beverly Hills Hotel to interview a star.  They along with the other foreign correspondents would send off their articles along with photos to be included in journals around the world.

Though she remained at least a little star struck for the rest of her life, my mother soon realized that actors and actresses are just people too.  And so did I.  In my teens, I was commissioned to be the driver for my mom, my aunt and my grandmother, all of whom were active members of "The Club."  I also accompanied them to the Golden Globes, 'the club's' annual award's show.

Over the years, while just showing up for work, I met Meryl Streep, Clint Eastwood, Jessica Lange, Colin Farrell and a host of others.  They'd speak of their latest films, their lives, their scandals and their hopes and dreams.  The photographer would snap a few shots, while I sat in the back sipping tea, and off the articles would go. 

To me, it was just a job, like any other job, I was simply the family chauffeur.  In truth, it was just another working day for all of us.  Though the job was mildly interesting, I must confess that often I was bored, because early on I realized that under the glitz, the stars were all just ordinary people.  More like you and me, than you would think.

A similar thing happened to a friend of mine, an actress who landed a part as the second female lead in Phantom of the Opera.  During the years that she was performing in it, there were eight performances a week on top of rehearsals.  And when she wasn't "on," she'd be behind the scenes, yawning with a crossword somewhere back stage.

Too often in life, we get the idea that someone else is special or better than us.  But really they are just people too.  The even harder obstacle arises when we get the idea that we are better than others.  This almost always rises up as a protective mechanism covering some deep hidden inferiority issue.  And that's where the work lies there.  But in the meanwhile, if we can just remember that we all have a role to play.  We all have challenges and dreams, it can help us to see that though we are all different, we are also just the same.  People are people, and no one, no matter how special they may seem, is either superior or inferior to little old you and me.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Finding Meaning

Sometimes we work so hard at something, trying and trying with little or no result, that we get frustrated and fall out of love with our dream.  This can leave us feeling empty and alone.  It can even result in us being angry with the products of our labors. We find that we want little to do with it, whatever it is.  And then, the end result is that no one else does either and the whole endeavor becomes a flop.  We see it as a failure and it becomes just that.  But really what we need to do is to love what we've done, whatever it is that we have worked toward, we just need to love it.

A woman that I know opened up a shop here in town several years ago.  It was a fine little store and she carried and sold just the sort of things that I'd like to buy.  So I stopped in periodically.  One day, while I was there, I could see clearly that she was discouraged.  She said that very few customers had been in all week and she was feeling, 'Ah, what's the use?'  

We spoke for a while and I mentioned how beautiful and useful her wares were.  She knew that already.  So, I said, "Visualize people coming in and being thrilled to find what they'd like."  She was so discouraged that day that she still wasn't much moved.  So, I asked my heart to help and it had me say, "You've got to love what you do.  Love it; fall back in love with what you have created."  She paused and looked at me and thought about it and we parted company with some hugs and smiles.  

Deep discouragement can also happen with a difficult birth.  All of that time in pregnancy, hoping and eager for the new.  Then the devastating labor leaves it's scars and the pain is hard to forget.  It can take some time and possibly even an outside influence to remind us of what we have loved and can love again.

I popped back in to that shop a month or two later and my friend said, "You know, I listened to what you said.  I imagined people coming in and loving what I offer.  I remembered why I was inspired to create this shop and I practiced those thoughts until I fell back in love with my store again.  And now, as you can see, customers are flooding in and I've become so busy I had to hire some help.  Isn't that a miracle?  I let myself find love again, with my work and my life, and through that I have found meaning"

May you fall in love again with your life despite the troubles and all the hard work.  Because as we find love for what we do, we find meaning and then so does the rest of the world too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trip And Fall

Summertime is here and we are all very active.   Slips and falls can happen to any of us and often when we least expect them.  Here, in this seven and a half minute long video, you will find some very useful tips which will help to speed the healing time and minimize the pain for you or your loved ones, should you suddenly trip and fall.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh Those Bitter, Not So Sweet, Sugar Blues

Yep!  It happened again.  I got into the sugar.  It started off with helping a friend make a maple syrup sweetened, gluten-free, almond-meal based, lemon wedding cake for her son.  The cake was amazing, light and lovely and so was the frosting, a white chocolate ganache.  It was also made with very clean and pure ingredients, organic cream with fair trade, white chocolate, organic chips.  Ah, but therein lay my downfall.  The chips were sweetened with organic, yet still refined sugar.

It took us two days to make the cake, working steadily.  And it was a masterpiece with white chocolate peony petals and beautiful pink and white fresh roses.  But alas, tastes of the ganache awakened the sleeping sugar monster within me.  The days that followed had little bits of sugar here and there, not too much, but soon the cravings reached a crescendo in all three of that day's meals containing sugar.  Then the following morning, along came the blues. 

When our bodies are healthy and well nourished we handle stress better and roll with the punches when they come.  But when we are depleted, which sugar does to most of us, with it's destruction of our gut flora and subsequent inadequate nutrition, along with the emotional swings from high to low, then we really feel the blows.  

It is not just our emotional health that suffers, we can loose our physical stability as well.  Aches and pains and swellings set in.  Flare ups of inflammation attack our joints and pretty soon we hurt all over.  Add a little refined wheat flour or alcohol into the mix and you've got a recipe for sleepless nights and dreary days feeling tired, run down and generally awful.

Blessedly, I don't fall into this hole very often anymore.  And when I do I can usually pull myself out with the help of probiotics from eating sauerkraut and kimchi.  These quickly restore my gut flora and put an end to that sweet tooth.  But years ago my sugar downfalls used to happen with every holiday: Christmas and New Years in winter, Valentines and Easter in spring, the 4th in summer and Thanksgiving in fall.  Top this off with Birthdays and other personal celebrations and Voila! we've got a series of swings, high and low, from cradle to grave.

For decades I would successfully quit and fall, quit and fall, quit and fall, year in and year out.  I always felt fabulous when I quit, full of energy and joy, raring to go.  Then I'd fall and get grumpy, sore and tired.  You'd think I would have managed a clean break sooner.  But we are talking about addiction here.  Sugar is every bit as addictive as cocaine, and it similarly erodes our health.  

In the U.K. they have begun to implement programs for curtailing sugar addiction and it's subsequent health damaging effects.  Diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, arthritis, virtually all inflammatory diseases, along with depression can be mitigated and even reversed by eliminating the refined sugars from the diet and focusing on quality nutrition, fresh from the garden, instead. 

Today, I'm just one day "dry."  And my sometimes sore morning feet already feel a little bit better.  May your spirits and health rise like mine as celebrate our freedom from junk foods and other addictions together.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Creating The Life That We'd All Love To Live

Join me now and everyday, twice a day, in creating a life for ourselves that we'd all love to see.  As you wake and as you drift into sleep, let yourself strengthen the muscles of creation through imagination.  Everything any one of us has ever achieved was first felt in our hearts, visualized in the mind, and then given our energy to it bring forth.  So, let's do this, let's create together a world that we'd all love.

Beginning with the microcosm of our own lives and moving out to the macrocosm of our planet in universal flow, let's start with our own center of energy.  This is known as the 'dan tien' or 'sea of chi' in Chinese medicine and it is located right near our navels.  This was the first source of our physical energy for us when we were in the womb.  And it is the place of power and life force energy for creation in our lives today. 

Get a sense of this area in your body and begin to fill it with your great love of life, love for your own life and love for all of life.  Let yourself see this as a small swirling galaxy of creative energy.  You may like to visualize it as thousands of little stars or as a golden swirl or as flowing white light.  However you see it, realize that it is full of potential, coalescing there, right in the center of your belly.  Know that it is imbued with your love and your best intentions for your self and for all. 

Let this energy move and swirl and begin to grow.  See it becoming larger, encompassing your whole abdomen, then flowing through and around your whole body.  Now, let it grow to include your auric space.  See it expanding even more, larger and larger, allowing it to fill the space of your home, then of your neighborhood, your community and your nation.  See it continuing to grow, this beautiful, swirling energy, embracing our whole world, our solar system, our galaxy and even the entire, ever-expanding universe that we all share.

Know that this beautiful swirling creative energy holds the totality of everything.  It can create and give to us whatever we desire and it can take away and transform whatever we no longer need.  It holds and allows the perfect balance of giving and receiving for each and every one of us right where we center ourselves in it's energetic flow. 

Here in this swirling flow, we are each nourished, find wholeness and become complete.  We are free to select and release whatever it is that we desire or need from this universal source of energy.  Here we are actively engaging with creation, in harmony with the highest good for ourselves and for all.

Now we can begin imagining what we would love to see in our lives.  Think of whatever that is for you and picture it, clearly, morning and night.  Know that the creative energy of the universe will align itself with you and your intention and help you to find your way spontaneously into the choices in your day to day life that will result in the manifestation of your vision.  Perhaps you will find yourself eating differently or playing more, maybe you bump into just the right person or take some simple action and all of these, subtly but steadily, begin to create the changes that you'd like to see in your life and in your world.  Your most beautiful future reaches out it's hand and gently pulls you right toward the life you'd most like to live.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Emergency Burn Care

Please enjoy this eight and a half minute long video on various methods to help speed the healing from burns using Aloe Vera, Golden Seal root powder, homeopathics and other wonderful natural remedies.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Healthy Nutritious Desserts

Here are some wonderfully delicious and nutritious desserts for you to try.  These have no refined sugar, nor any toxic ingredients. They are wholesome, sweet and simple treats for you to make in your own kitchen that will nourish and delight you.  Enjoy!

Monday, June 20, 2016


The other day I saw a short video of a rescue that a man did saving the life of a dog in Russia.  The dog had somehow walked out about ten feet onto the spill way of a dam.  There on the perilous edge, with several inches of water flowing underfoot, the dog froze in fear, unable to move to save it's own life.  A spontaneous rescue team assembled with on-lookers overhead.  One man with an assistant had climbed down onto the spill way and then inched his way along the slippery precipice, slowly and carefully approaching the dog from behind. 

When he reached the animal, he patted it in friendly way, speaking softly to it and gently took hold of it's collar.  Then ever so carefully, dragging the terrified and immobilized dog with him, he backed his way to safety.  At that point, he tied a rope, which was dangling from above, around the dog's chest and neck, creating a sling.  The support team from above then hoisted the animal up the sheer concrete wall to safe ground and the man and his assistant climbed back up the ladder to join them.

It was quite a sight.  And it left a deep impression on me.  Here was this man, brave beyond belief, saving the life of a dog that he didn't even know.  Why would someone do such a thing, at risk to all they hold dear?  Not only was his own precious life held delicately in the balance, but the lives of all who love that man or depend on him for their means of support, their lives were also cast into jeopardy.  Yet, at times like these, we think of none of that.  We simply step up and do what needs to be done.  We run into the burning house to save the cat.  We jump into the deep water, even if we don't know how to swim, to save the child from drowning.  One might ask why is that?

In a lecture that I saw by Joseph Campbell, years ago, he said, this is because, "You and the other are one."

Now, that certainly puts a damper on the whole 'survival of the fittest idea,' doesn't it?  In fact it smacks it right in the face, because the deeper reality is our interconnectedness.  It's all of us or none of us. 

My husband last night was commenting on war.  He said that the 'casualties' from the recent Gulf Wars have now totaled more suicides among returned vets than battle deaths.  He also said that an older friend of his, who was in World War Two, once told him that they all tried not to shoot anyone.  They just impressively blew up the surrounding areas in hopes that the "enemy" would retreat. 

All of the great spiritual traditions inform us that we are all one.  There is after all some version of the Golden Rule in every one of them.  "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."  Yet instead, too often our religions teach us separation.  We are told that their way is the only way to union with the Divine and that all others must conform to their beliefs or be condemned.  And, much more tragically, way too often, our religious doctrines see others who don't conform, as being worthy of slaughter.  These are dangerous ideas and they have plagued humanity for way too long. 

This premise of separation also holds true for our patriotic affiliations.  We value our own familiar ways of being over the ways of others.  However, I also recently saw a video on how extensively our ancestry is shared.  In it, an Englishmen denounced all Germans, and an Irish woman denounced the French until they gave some saliva and allowed it to be tested to see how much of their own genetic material was shared by the genes of the others.  Then they realized the folly of their formerly passionately held opinions and saw how denouncing the others was denouncing their very own selves.

The time has come for us to all rescue each other from these dogmas of separation and realize that we are all one.  Each and every one of us is a part of the great stream of life.  We all contain our one little drop from the ocean of Divinity.  And the time is upon us now to embrace this truth.  Not only for us humans in regards to other humans, but also, in regards to all of life.  What we do to the other, we do to ourselves.  If we were to let another die, we would be letting a part of ourselves die.  And the man with the dog on the cliff of the dam demonstrated that to me that with his courage and his deeper instinct of oneness.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

Monday, June 13, 2016

A Simple Nurturing Chicken Soup

This is a simple old time healing recipe that you can easily make and enjoy.  For your friends, who are not vegetarians, this is a wonderful way to show that you care.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

Monday, June 6, 2016

An Elder's Simple Wisdom

A friend of mine was raised in Peru.  She was there recently visiting her elderly mother and was reminded of a beautiful instruction her mother had given to her when she was young.  It was this, "While you are out walking, it is good to sing and smile.  Then, no one will be afraid of you.  And if you can't sing, then whistle."  

My friend also said that while she was growing up they had a neighbor who would sing out his songs in a booming voice.  Everyone always knew where he was and how close to home he had come.  I shared this with my husband and he told me that one of the elders he had met sometimes said that it is a bad man who has no song in his heart.  

Such profound and simple wisdoms, and we know them to be true.  Most all of the time, when we hear someone singing or whistling as they walk by, we are instantly put at ease, especially if they grace us with a nice friendly smile.  

After a severe head injury, another friend of mine was very distressed to realize that upon awakening she no longer had a song playing in her mind.  She mourned and wept for the loss and then was ecstatic some months later as her healing progressed and her day-to-day songs were returned to her once more. 

Some years back, still another friend of mine shared that her daughter had found the man she wanted to marry and introduced him to her parents.  I asked my friend how she liked the young man.  She said, "He's great!"  We love him!  And guess what, he whistles!"  She was overjoyed because as she said, "It's always the sign of a happy heart."

Our brains and hearts and minds are remarkable and as we sing and whistle and smile we connect with others and feel that all is right with the world.  And we stride forward into the beautiful moment of Now.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Simple Bone Broth

Bone Broth provides us with wonderful nutrition.  I have friends who have eased their arthritis and others who have helped to speed their healing from injuries and surgeries using this easy to make, mineral rich recipe.  Enjoy this short video that will tell you how.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Art of Tea Leaf Reading

Before the days of therapists and counselors, we used to simply sit down with a dear friend and a good cup of tea.  There at the kitchen table, we would pour our hearts out and spill our secrets into the saucer with our tea.  Wonderful insights would occur to us as we would share our stories.  Our dear friend would take them all in and tend to them, carefully and with as much depth of consideration as if she were holding one of our new born babes.

This beautiful kitchen table magic is not lost to us.  And it can be even further enhanced when combined with the fine art of tea leaf reading.  Tea leaf reading, similar to the I-Ching, the Runes and the Tarot is a form of “Giving Divination.”  It is very like looking at clouds or gazing into a crystal ball.  Images appear and they can help us gain insight into a given situation.  The seer uses their soft vision, not a hard focus, to let shapes appear to them and then shares impressions that may accompany their impressions. 

Though we can certainly do tea leaf readings for ourselves, it is very nice to nice to do this with a friend or a companion.  Like the wise stranger we once met on a bus or a train, sometimes our best advice can come from someone that we don't really know. 

For tea leaf readings, you need a loose leaf tea.  It can be herbal, black or green, but it must still have some shape to the plant parts and not be powdered.  Then, while sipping the tea, the person who is having some difficulty shares their problems with the listener.  They tell the whole story, all the ins and outs, everything they can think of and how they feel about it.  All the while, they are sipping away at their tea. 

When their cup is almost empty, holding only one or two more swallows, they focus silently on the entirety of the problem and formulate their ideas into a question.  It can be something like, "What is the best course of action for me to take here?' or "What would be in accordance with the highest good for all concerned in this situation?"  Then they take just one more little sip so there is just barely enough liquid left in the cup to enable them to lightly swirl the leaves around.  And then they turn the cup upside down, spilling it's remaining contents into the saucer.  Some of the leaves will spill with the liquid into the saucer but some of the bits of leaves will remain on the sides of the cup. 

The friend who has been listening then takes the cup and using their soft eyes, they look at the leaves, just like how they might look at the clouds, to see if they can imagine images there.  Similar to laying out a card deck, areas within the cup can be used to represent: the past or the future, a base of family support or destiny coming from on high.  The bits and globs of soggy tea leaves located on one side of the handle area might represent where you have been in your life, while the bits located on the other side of the handle might represent where you are headed.  It is all very arbitrary and each seer develops their own ideas regarding the of placement of the remaining leaves within the cup.

Some bits of tea may look like birds swirling on thermal drafts or airplanes in flight.  Just like with dream images, these can mean different things.  For me, birds and planes represent spiritual flight.  Bicycles can be balance, cars or buses can represent our bodies.  It is all good.  Trust the process and let it flow. 

I like to encourage beginning tea leaf readers to just keep talking.  Whether you think you are only making stuff up or you think that you are accurately perceiving psychically, just keep on talking.  It gets the ball rolling and the information will begin to come to you.  Try not to judge it.  Simply trust it.  And I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by the feedback you get from your friend.  Most likely they will be blown away by how perceptive you are, by the insights and wisdoms you were able to share and by the accuracy of the information that you were able to give.

So have some fun.  Let your consciousness align with that all knowing, all seeing part of you that is a part of us all.  Get out some tea, a little cup and saucer and put the water on to boil.  Enjoy.

© Josephine Laing, 2016

Monday, May 16, 2016

A Delicious Sweet Treat

We all need sweetness in our lives.  Please enjoy this short video describing a delightful and nutritious way to satisfy that need without the use of refined sugars.  Yum!

© Josephine Laing, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Quantum Mechanical World and the Nature of Consciousness

My friend and favorite scientist, Rupert Sheldrake recently gave a talk at the Royal Geological Society in London called, "Is the Sun Conscious?"  This is a wonderful topic and I hope you get a chance to listen to it.  In it he speaks about the work of Alfred North Whitehead, an English mathematician and philosopher from the last century.  Rupert explained that Whitehead proposed a "philosophy of organisms," seeing the whole universe as an organism and stars and planets as organisms, including Gaia, our own planet, as an organism.  This is of course an idea that has gained considerable popularity in our time, following the work of James Lovelock, during the 1960's. 

Rupert explained that Alfred Whitehead also saw crystals, atoms and molecules along with, of course, plants and animals as organisms.  This holistic philosophy of nature treated organisms as self organizing systems with their own goals or purposes.  This is one of the properties of consciousness, having a goal or a purpose.  Rupert went on to say that living organisms or any organism has goals and purposes.  Then he showed how Whitehead used quantum theory to point out how this might work.  I've transcribed this part of Rupert's talk and would like to share it with you now, as my blog this week, because it is such a lovely and simple primer in some of the basics of quantum theory and also of consciousness.  So, here we go.

"Whitehead then went on to point out how this might work using quantum theory, where matter is no longer just stuff, matter is a process.  An electron is a wave, everything in quantum theory is made of waves and waves take time to wave.  You can't have waves in an instant.  Think of a wave in the sea, if you take an infinitesimally thin slice of a wave, it is no longer a wave, it's impossible in terms of a wave.  This is the ultimate reason for the Uncertainty Principle in Quantum physics, because you can't localize waves in space or time.  They are spread out in both. 

Because they are spread out in time, it means that every material thing is a process, and that a material process has a past and a future, because it is spread out in time, and it has a direction in time.  And whitehead used this as a way of approaching the mind body problem.  Normally people think of the mind as the inside and the body as the outside, in the external world.  People talk of the inner life, the mind is within, using spacial metaphors. 

But Whitehead thought that the best way of thinking of mind and body was in time.  The mind is the future pole of the organism, the body is the past pole.  The future pole is concerned with possible actions.  And this is true even with electrons, the spread of the wave equation tells us all the possible things an electron could do.  And when it interacts with something is what people call "the collapse of the wave function."  Of all these possibilities, only one is actually realized.  That's a measurable observable fact, but it is immediately in the past.  It's now a physical fact, and immediately a whole new set of possibilities opens up, in the new wave equation, which are in the future, or the virtual future.  And when the electron decides, or the wave function collapses to one of these things, again, you get something in the past, a material body, like a measurable fact. 

Now, he (Whitehead) thought our minds worked the same way, our minds are principally concerned with possibilities.  Consciousness is an arena of possibility.  And the function of our consciousness is to choose among possibilities.  We all had many possibilities for this afternoon.  And we chose to come here and to be here out of all of the possible things we could have done.  We made that decision.  We brought it into actuality by coming here.  It's now a measurable fact that we are all in this room.  We can be photographed, weighed, measured etc.  And our minds are now opening to new possibilities.  

Now, our habits are generally unconscious and don't require the consideration of possibilities.  Consciousness is about consideration of possibilities in this model.  It gives us a way of thinking about consciousness and what it does."

Isn't that a lovely description?  To me, with this, Rupert harmonizes the quantum mechanical world with the material world.  And he does it through a brief peek into the world of consciousness. 

© Josephine Laing, 2016