Tuesday, September 27, 2016

What Should I Eat?

Each one of us is so unique and different that it is no wonder that our diets vary so greatly.  Some of us seem to do better with casseroles, while others among us feel weighted down with cooked foods and prefer salads and fruits.

However, we humans are very adaptable and we can survive quite well and even thrive on any number of foods, even when it is the same food day in and day out.  The Inuit, the indigenous peoples inhabiting the Arctic regions, eat primarily meat and fish.  Nordic peoples, who have traditionally followed the herds, drink milk and eat yogurt and cheese.  Asians tend toward rice and vegetables, with a very little bit of meat used as a seasoning.  

For thousands of years, the indigenous people of Central Coastal California, ate a diet of nearly 80% acorn.  They had it every morning as porridge and often again for lunch and dinner.  This is something that hardly anyone thinks of eating today, but acorn flour is not only delicious, it is also very nutritious.  And it served the people who lived here very well for millennia.  This is just one more example of how versatile our diets can be.  

One of my cousins has had a very interesting realization with her two children.  While she was pregnant with her eldest, she was a vegetarian and ate lots of pasta, bread and cheese with her veggies.  She also had a sweet tooth and enjoyed her deserts and fruits.  Then, when she became pregnant with her second child, she developed gestational onset diabetes and had to radically change her diet in order to keep her blood sugars low.  So, for the duration of that pregnancy, out went the sweets and she began to eat meat and had that with her vegetables for almost every meal.  The diabetes went away and she eats that way to this day. 

Now, a decade later, guess what her children eat?  You got it.  Her eldest won't touch meat, loves the carbs, dairy and fruit, while her youngest only wants animal protein.  He will eat his vegetables, but he doesn't care much for sweets or fruit.  Isn't that interesting?  

To me, all of this says that all bets are off.  What feels right, might just be what is familiar.  And more likely, just about anything that keeps us fueled and feeling healthy will do.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Power of Astragalus

In this short video you will learn how to make a simple herbal extract.  You will also learn how you can build your immune system with Astragalus.  Josephine also shares how to use Astragalus alternating with Echinacea for a healing regime.  Astragalus can also be added to a homemade soups for boosting health.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My IONS Consciousness Cruise

For the two or three weeks leading up to the Consciousness Cruise with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), I was getting progressively nervous about my presentation.  Most of these folks are extremely well educated and they take their sciences very seriously.  Often in conversation, it's not just which college degree they have, but how many PhDs they hold.  So, speaking with my usual informality, throwing terms around like right brain and left brain, wouldn't wash well with this crowd.  After all, the two hemispheres of the brain, though distinctly different are integrally interconnected and it's really not as simple as having an analytical side vs. an intuitive side.

I was near panic a few days before our departure, flooding myself with various articles and documents about psychic ability when my sweet husband calmed all my fears with a simple statement.  He said to me, "They may be smart, really smart, but when it comes to an actual working experience of psychic ability, you are the authority here."  With those words, I realized he was right.  I calmed right down, got my ideas in order and relaxed about the whole thing.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences is a non-profit organization founded by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell.  As he and his fellow astronauts returned from their trip to the moon, he saw our earth, floating in the sea of space, and realized that all of his technological education and experience had not even begun to touch upon the depth of awareness that he felt in that moment.  He had a knowing, a noetic experience, that we are all connected and that our world and the universe is conscious.  When he returned to earth, he devoted himself to the Study of Consciousness and the collective transformation of our human potential.

Since the Institute's inception in 1973, IONS has blossomed into an international organization with community groups throughout the world.  For several years now, a number of the community groups have been enjoying Consciousness Cruises, as a forum in which to share ideas that can make a positive difference in the world.  It was almost like attending a series of TED talks, while floating through the Inside Passage, those multitudinous islands off the west coast of Canada and Alaska.

As with all IONS events, there is a focus on the science behind recognizing that we are all a part of an interconnected whole.  The motivating force is to create a shift in consciousness worldwide, so that we are inspired to take action to help humanity and the planet thrive.  The researchers and support teams at IONS conduct, advance, and broaden the science of what connects us so that we can all reach new understandings about the nature of reality and our extended human capacities.  This then empowers people to apply conscious awareness in their personal lives, in healthcare, in business and in education using the real-world tools that are created from what is learned.

There were a number of presenters on the ship and all were great.  We heard from luminaries in the world of consciousness research and change like Rupert Sheldrake, Jill Purce, Peter Russell and Cassandra Vieten.  Rupert spoke of the dogmas in science that are limiting our worldview.  Jill demonstrated how our voice and working with our family patterns can free us.  Peter explored our transformation of consciousness through meditation and Cassandra gave us details of Edgar Mitchell's and IONS vision.

We also enjoyed talks about healing violence through wholeness with Douglas Bonar, embracing our wake up calls with Peter Hesse, mimicking nature's patterns for spiritual growth and evolution with Curtis Adney and implementing paradigm shifts through understanding indigenous consciousness with Milt Markewitz.  These along with a host of other brilliant presentations and healing demonstrations made for a remarkable journey.

We humans are always looking for ways to expand and improve our knowledge.  And this can come to us through the advancement of our powers of perception.  So often we are taught what to learn, not how to learn.  And just as the electron microscope helped us to understand our world better, so can our other enhanced tools of perception.  It has been my experience that the extended capacities of our human minds are vastly under explored and under appreciated.  So this is why I like to teach how to develop our psychic abilities.  As we learn more about our extra sensory perceptions, we can create more knowledge.  And knowledge helps us to evolve and grow.

We all did a survey before our departure to see which talks would likely be the most popular and thus well attended.  Fortunately mine scored very highly.  So I was given one of the prime times in the really big room on the first day, just before lunch.  It was while we were passing through a particularly beautiful part of the inland passage with snow covered peaks and glaciers reaching down to the ocean.  We did the final exercises for my talk up on deck with the cool Alaskan Air and bright blue skies punctuated with the mountain tops on either side of us.

Of course everyone had extraordinary psychic connections because we all are already psychic.  We are born that way.  We just need a little nudge to help us realize it.  And that is what I did in my talk.  I gave us lots of little nudges with colorful stories from my life, designed to open our minds.  I then punctuated these with simple little exercises that (loosely speaking) opened our right brains.  My presentation was called, "Wake Up Your Psychic Ability," and that was exactly what happened.  And everyone loved it.

With my talk all done and over with, right at the start, I was free to enjoy myself fully for the duration of the cruise.  I swam in the pool which was filled with icy cold Alaskan ocean water and got chilled to the bone every day for an hour at a time.  It was fabulous and so healing.  Nothing can jump start your health quite like really, really cold water.   Frank and I had fun on the water slides and warmed up afterward in the saunas and steam rooms.  And the food was incredible.  They had an excellent Indian chef on board and you could order whatever you wanted.  I loved the appetizers, the soups and salads, and would sometimes have two or three of them instead of choosing a main dish.

Then there were the shore excursions.  We saw Victoria by night in a horse drawn trolley.  We walked through a forest to come to a large hand hewn cedar plank tribal clan house and visited the many Tlingit totem poles there.  But the highlight of the trips for me was the dog sled ride.

The Alaskan Iditarod and other racing dogs need weight training exercise during the summer months.  Pulling a wheeled cart with four tourists and a musher on board is an excellent way for them to get in shape.  And these dogs LOVE to pull.  They can hardly wait to go.  When the hand brake is released, the cart lurches forward amidst a cacophony of yips and eager barks.  We went racing through the deep forest with the dogs bounding ahead, pulling left and then right around the turns as we whisked along the wooded trail.  Before and after our ride, we got to meet and pet the dogs who were all so sweet and welcoming.  And after our wild ride was complete we were invited to meet the puppies.  In order to help them become socialized, all of the puppies needed holding and petting.  So we were blessed with  face licking and hair biting as they expressed their affections and we all delighted in their playfulness and personalities.

We all had a truly wonderful time. And in the days that followed my talk, so many of the IONS group members came up to me and expressed their true appreciation for my presentation.  They told me that mine was their favorite and showered me with compliments.  It filled my heart with joy.  I couldn't have been happier with the outcome and I am still beaming over it all to this day.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Cordials, An After Dinner Treat

Our homemade healing herbal extracts can be used to make beautiful cordials that can help us to heal and sleep well.  Please enjoy this short video that demonstrates how we can create a delightful sipping treat with a little pure maple syrup and some lovely organic cream or coconut milk to enjoy at the end of the day.

Monday, September 5, 2016

The Final Judgement Day

What if the final judgement day is just that, the day when we all finally stop judging?  I think that is when we will enter the gates of heaven and it will be right here on earth, while we are alive.  We don't need to die to find Nirvana.  Many of those among us who are living have gone there and come back to tell us the tale.  Jill Bolte Taylor, with her book, My Stroke of Insight and Anita Moorjani with her's, Dying To Be Me, have both already shown us the way.

When Jill found herself only in her right brain consciousness after suffering a massive blood clot in the left hemisphere of her brain, she experienced the euphoria of oneness.  She found herself totally immersed in the magnificence of the energy around her and became the life force power of the universe.  She said that her experience was beautiful, compassionate and loving.  And when Anita died from end stage cancer in 2006, she realized while in the depths of her near death experience that God was not a being, external to her, but a state of being that is a part of her.  She explained that the God-self is accessible to everyone of us, when we shift from judgement to compassion and understanding.

Anita went on to share her view of hardened criminals, saying that they are only acting out of their own pain and fear and that their actions are fully understandable from a compassionate, empathetic pint of view.  This perception let her drop judgement and fear.  She was also able to see that it was her fears that had created the choices in her life that resulted in her disease.  Releasing those fears and opening up to her God-self caused her disease to vanish.

All of this seems like a very good idea to me.  What do you say we try a little experiment in consciousness and explore the edges of human evolution.  Let's develop our right brain awareness and drop our judgement by reaching for understanding and see what happens.  It sure would be nice to step into heaven on earth and have that final judgement day.  I'm game.  How about you?