Monday, November 28, 2016

Cleaning Your Sinuses

Please enjoy this delightful and short little video on how you can help yourself keep healthy.  This simple technique lets you avoid catching colds.  It also prevents bacterial and viral infections.  Using a little warm water and some good quality sea salt, you will learn a quick way to clean your sinuses.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Of Hearts and Horses

I was thirteen when I bought my four year old mustang mare.  I had saved up my babysitting money for two years and then by the grace of an incorrect address, I found the first love of my life.  She was a golden buckskin with a black mane and tail.  Sure footed and strong, she brought balance, inspiration and riches beyond belief to my young life. 

My mother was ill and took to her bed for most of the years of my teens.  The pressures of school and working in our family business left me in need of just what my horse could provide: freedom, joy, a sense of personal power and a deep heart connection.  Whenever I could, I would head for the hills with my beautiful mare.  I'd pocket a few morsels to share with her and there we would be, together, in nature, all day long, dwelling in the eternal moment of now.    

Since she was an adult and I was just a kid when we got started together, I figured she knew better than me in most situations.  Plus, my meager purchase price left the saddle, bridle and the show ring out of the question, so we never developed the, "Teach the horse who's boss," type of relationship.  Instead, we made most of our decisions together, by consensus, and that didn't really change much as I grew older.  With her superior sensory abilities and well developed intuition, she had many times over proven herself to be the wiser one.  And that held true for the almost four decades that we shared together.

A relationship of this sort is truly extraordinary, and I feel Divinely blessed to have found my way into it.  But then again, almost all deep relationships with horses are just as remarkable as mine.  Be it the humble milkman with his wise equine helper who knows just where to stop and how long to wait, or the sturdy little neighborhood pony who teaches all the children not only how to ride, but solid principles of respect and good manners as well.  Horses can be beautiful, inside and out, and given half a chance, they shine brighter than gold.

Research in recent years has shown the contribution to our relaxation and healing that animals can provide.  They calm our hearts and lower our blood pressure.  Animal-assisted therapies, especially those involving horses, have long been known to bring improvement to the psychological lives of humans.  In taming wild mustangs, rough inner-city teens find that they have tamed themselves.

A month or two ago, I came across a piece of research that shed a little more light on the ability that horses have to enrich our lives.  Horses have very large hearts, not only emotionally, but physically as well.  And their hearts are oscillators.  Anything that holds a steady beat or impulse sends it's rhythm out into it's immediate environment.  This rhythm is picked up by smaller oscillators in the area.  And smaller oscillators generally tend to align themselves with the larger oscillators.  In this study, owners sat with their horses while both wore electrodes.  The results showed that calm and happy horses definitely do positively impact our hearts and thus our lives.  By calming our hearts and minds, they bring us a sense of deep inner peace.  And peace within is the first step to peace all around. 

So, if you get a chance, give yourself the gift of spending a little time around horses.  Let their big hearts put your little heart at ease.  Allow yourself to find the love that is ever so sweetly and patiently waiting there for you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Good Eye Wash

Many of us are afraid to get our eye wet when we have gotten something in it.  Please enjoy this short video on how to easily and safely clean your eye.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Draw What You Want

Here is a wonderful little trick that I learned years ago for manifesting what you'd like in life.  It's simple and it works great.  All you need to do is draw it.  A very rough sketch will do.  Then, post it somewhere visible so you will see it and be reminded of it regularly.

Changing our thoughts is like changing a habit.  Too often we get stuck in the old pattern, repeating what we don't want over and over again.  Our thoughts are very creative.  The thoughts we think either desired or undesired are like tracks that are being laid down for our reality to follow.  So it is a good idea for us to notice and pay attention to our thoughts.

A few weeks back, I realized that I was beginning to have fearful thoughts about something.  It was troubling me very deeply.  But there was an alternative.  There was more positive outcome that I could imagine.  So, I stopped, grabbed a hold of myself, and grabbed a pen and a little note paper.  I did a quick little sketch of what I would like to see happen.  

My drawing was a very scribbled portrayal with only the rudiments of perspective.  The paper was small in size being only a few inches across and the whole thing was completed in under five minutes time.  Though it was very sketchy, it got the point across.  I gave it a title across the top and placed it prominently on the dashboard of my car so I'd see it every time I went some where.

It made me smile to see this little drawing and within two or three days I had completely dropped my fear based thinking.  I began celebrating instead.  I'd get in the car and call out "Yeah!"  I could see it, I could feel it, and I began to know that this would be true for me.  My whole attitude throughout the day began to brighten.  Then, quite naturally, within a week or two, things started to take a turn for the better.

We can all do this to great effect in our lives.  We can visualize what we'd like to see.  Then we can infuse it with positive emotion, celebrating the desired change, and begin to reap the reward.

Another way to do this is using collage.  If you feel insure about sketching, try cutting out photos from some old magazines.  You can use these to help you create an image of what you'd like to see.  Paste them together on some paper and set it some where where you will see it.  Then remember to let yourself celebrate.  Delight in the positive change.  Do a little happy gratitude dance by tapping your feet, while turning around and waggling both hands in the air. 

Both techniques, either collage or sketching, will work, but I prefer the sketching.  There is something fun and silly about little stick figure type drawings that aren't perfect but get the point across.  And I also think that the level of creativity is higher with drawing and that is what we are trying to do here, create!  

So be bold.  Give it a try and see how drawing what you want helps you to accomplish just exactly that in your life.