Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Natural Rhythms, Cycles and the Etheric Period

We sleep and then we rise.  We take naps or have quiet times amidst the flow of our busy days.  The tides run high and then they run low.  We always have this pattern of increased energy and then a time of rest or less and it is natural and normal and good.

Here it is, now spring again, coming up out of the cold and slowed growth of winter.  The grasses and plants are reaching for the sun once more.  The warming days are resulting in an abundance of photosynthesis and growth is abounding everywhere.  Later in the fall, the annual plants will shrivel, fade and die; along with the leaves from the trees, they will fall, returning to the ground from whence they came.

Similar patterns can be seen in the movements of the moon through the various constellations in the heavens above, or the larger patterns of the sun and other planets dancing more slowly across the sky full of stars.  They arise, pass on by and then later they return again.

Like the sine and cosine waves, curving up and then rounding down, we have the natural cycles of our daily body clocks.  These underlie the larger intervals of our bio-rhythms rising and then fading every few days or so   In the grander scheme, birth and childhood give rise to puberty which rises up further into adulthood rounding into maturity and followed by old age and death.  

Similarly, the monthly cycles of women begin with the quiet clearing of the womb progressing into an interest in a more social time as the egg matures.  This can be followed by conception and a rising up into the cycle of new life or it can move once more into quieter times as the body prepares for and then begins it's cleansing time again.  

Patterns like these don't usually stop.  After menopause, if we pay attention to our body's subtle cues, we can notice our own etheric period.  This is not a twenty-eight day cycle like a woman experiences for forty years or so after her menarche.  The etheric period is more like a three month cycle, slowly coming up out of a more quiet time for a few weeks, then moving into a companionable way of being, followed by a further rising up into a gregarious way of being for several weeks and then rounding the curve into a month or so spent going deeper and deeper within.  And though it is not commonly acknowledged in our culture, men have these same sorts of cycles as well.  Male menopause is increasingly being accepted as a real phenomenon.  And it is all good.

So, let's stop resisting and start giving ourselves over to these natural rhythms and cycles.  We are not meant to continuously crank out productive hours like machines, day after day, year after year, in some sort of corporate ideal.  We are naturally much less efficient then that.  Isn't it time we let ourselves be who we truly are and stop riding ourselves so hard, cranking up the caffeine, trying so desperately to stay afloat?  How about if we let ourselves admit that we'd really rather go out and play, or take a nap, depending on the time of day or month or year?  Doesn't that sound like a refreshing change?  We are the ones who are creating these sorts of work-a-day patterns after all.  So, perhaps the time has come for us to try on the idea of joining the rest of nature and freeing ourselves to stand up for who were designed to be.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Natural Healing for Clearing the Upper Sinuses

Hello everyone.  I've just created this little video with my dear friend Einar Berg.  In it you will learn several great tips and techniques on how to help your body clear and heal your upper sinuses.  It is only 8 minutes long.  Enjoy.

Monday, February 26, 2018

"Let's put our hands together..."

"Let's put our hands together..." is an expression we use when we want to share our appreciation of someone's accomplishments.  We give them our applause.  Clapping is also a way that we can gain the attention of another.  We clap loudly in the kitchen to scare the dog away from the cat's food.  In this day and age, we can clap to turn on or off a light.  I sometimes use the sound of a good sharp clap above my head to align the main chakras or energy centers in my body.  It brings them abruptly into balance and coherence.

Aside from the seven main chakras of the body, there are numerous chakras in our hands and feet.  There is a tiny little chakra at every knuckle, one at either end of every bone in our skeleton.  And since our hands have so many bones, nearly thirty in the hand and wrist, this results in lots of potent energy centers all giving to and receiving from the world.

Some of you may have seen the graphic depicting the sensory receptivity of our bodies.  This shows a little person with big eyes, lips and tongue, extending out from his body are gigantic hands.  It helps us to understand just how much of our perception of the world around us is generated through our hands.

The Chinese meridian system of the body shows how energy travels through our bodies.  Meridians are shown as pathways of energy running from top to toe and passing through an organ like the liver, the lungs or the kidneys.  Each of these meridian lines has a number of points along the way.  For example, K-27 is the 27th point on the kidney meridian.  Several of these meridians begin or end at our fingertips.  When we place our finger tips together, either in thought, or in prayer, it feels good.  It connects some of the circuits of our meridians.

Something that I have enjoyed doing since childhood is to hold my finger tips up to the full force of the water coming from the shower head while bathing.  I also do this with my toes and with my lips and gums and the teeth in my mouth.  This stimulates the nerve endings there, activating the meridians that travel up and down, revitalizing my whole body and many of my organ systems.  And quite often the other end of a meridian, either coming up from or going to the mouth and toes, is located in the fingertips.

We 'drum' our fingers when we are thinking.  We sit at our desks and fold our hands to quiet and center ourselves.  We snap our fingers to keep time with a beat in the music.  We put our hand on a freshly skinned knee.  It brings the intention and the healing power of our whole body quickly there.  We shake hands in greeting and to show the other that we mean no harm.   

We touch our loved ones lightly to make contact with our finger tips.  Hoofed animals use their noses for this, but we use our fingers to convey our love.  With a hand on someone's shoulder, or holding hands with another, we put the love in.  Our hands and arms extend out from the area of our hearts and express our love.  We give hugs, pulling our loved ones in close, so our hearts can touch.  Our fingers and hands are beautiful tactile extensions of our love.

And then in solitude, while in meditation or in personal ceremony or prayer, we connect our fingertips together or cup our hands, one resting inside the other, or press our palms lightly together, connecting the circuits of our own heart's energy, feeling the love.

So, let's put our hands together for just a moment now and feel the flow of this love within.
As we enter into the last month of the first quarter of this new year, I give my love to you all with best wishes for a joyous, love-filled and blessed rest of this year.

Monday, January 29, 2018

The ABC's of Intuition

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. This is a natural human trait, but for some of us, it is not so easy to access. Outside influences can be mistaken for our own inner perceptions. Memories and old patterns can masquerade as guidance. Please enjoy this hour long talk on how to learn how to listen to, cultivate and trust your own intuition.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The One Thing There Is

We are all one.  Or so say the majority of the spiritual teachers who have walked this planet.  But, what does this really mean?  If we are all one, how come we feel so separate from each other? 

I think the answer to this question lies in several areas: 
First, we have been acculturated to dwell predominately in the left hemisphere of our brains with our thought processes.  Here we are analytical and separate, we base our assumptions on information from the past and speculations about the future.  This is the area of our thinking that is constantly trying to evaluate who we are, what we have done and what we should do next.  It is a place of separation and individuation.

Second, we have been conditioned to be less aware of the thought processes that are common to the right hemisphere of our brains.  This is the seat of our oneness, our commonality, our unity consciousness.  And though we are less aware on the surface of this aspect of ourselves, it is clearly at the core of who we are.  When someone calls for help, we don't run away, we run toward them and try to help.  At the deepest level of our beings, we understand that to let the other suffer or die would be to let a part of ourselves suffer or die.

Third, when we all saw that image of earth, taken from space in the 1960's, we opened our eyes as if for the first time and began to see that there were no dividing lines for nations or governments.  Instead we began to see ourselves as very lucky to be alive, all of us, thriving together, on this little blue green marble, floating in the vastness of outer space.  From this perspective, we began to see the earth as one organism, miraculously supporting us all.

And while it is true that we are each unique and different, we now see that we are a part of the whole.  Just like our nose is different from our eyes, we understand that both are a part of our face.  As my mentor Peace Pilgrim puts it, "We are all cells in the body of humanity."   We may each be different, but we are not separate.  And it is our oneness that is at the core of who we are.

But why stop there?  If our individual selves are a part of humanity, and if humanity is a part of life on earth, why not go even further and try on the thought of all of life, either on earth or beyond, as being a part of the vast consciousness that pervades the Universe.

So now, with this thought in mind.  How do you think each aspect of life, or awareness, would like to be treated?  How would your nose like to be cared for?  Certainly not as separate.  That would leave it hanging out there all on it's lonesome.  The same can be said for one another.  How would each of us like to be treated?  

Ah, in steps The Golden Rule.  'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'  There is some version of this teaching found in every major religion on the planet.  

But what about beyond?  As we move our attention on out into the galaxy, it doesn't take too much more looking for us to begin to see the Universe as a whole?  Awareness arises, dances in one form or another, passes back into compost or spinning galaxies and arises again.  As we start to appreciate the depth of the beauty that we find there, we begin to learn how to embrace the one thing there is.  We find that we can celebrate not only our individuality, but also our unity consciousness, living, loving, caring for and embracing each and every aspect of the whole.   

A very Happy New Year to you all.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Quick Relief from Aches and Pains

Please enjoy this short video on how to restore ease in the body after a hard day's work or an injury or fall. Commonly available simple cures can help you to heal fast.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Birthing A New Human Consciousness ~ The Contractions Are Getting Closer

There has been so much intense news of late.  Just this past month of September, Hurricanes Harvey and then Irma swept through Florida, leaving deaths and untold square miles of devastation in their wakes.  During Irma's storm, wind speeds were recorded at 185 m.p.h. and remained at that speed for 37 hours, marking her one of the most powerful storms ever recorded.

A week later, we had the unthinkable tragedy in Las Vegas, the deadliest mass shooting to date, with 64-year old gunman Stephen Paddock firing hundreds of rounds of ammunition, from his many rifles designed exclusively for killing humans, into a crowd of innocent music lovers.  His motivations were not known, but they resulted in such profound suffering with 546 injuries and 58 people dead, including himself. 

And just one week after that, we have had a series of wildfires in the Santa Rosa area of California.  Nearly 100,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and over 40 people have expired in the fires making this the most deadliest week of fire in California history.  Nearly 200 people have been hospitalized and over 5,000 structures, most of them homes, have been completely destroyed.

All three of these are news items are of epic proportions.  They have all happened in the last couple of months and have taken place just in our own country.  They don't begin to cover the tragedies on the world scene, most of which are political or climate change related.  Burma and Puerto Rico to name just two.  It seems that the heat is getting turned up.  

I sometimes think of that little frog in the ultimately cruel 19th century biology experiments, where the water is slowly heated, getting hotter and hotter, until the frog expires.  Yet when another frog is placed in water that has already been heated, it immediately jumps out.  

It is only because we see the frogs as separate from ourselves that we can even consider such a heartless test.  If we were to embrace our oneness, as all of the great spiritual wisdom traditions of the world encourage us to do, through their various renditions of The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," then we would never consider such an act.  Nor would we stand by, allowing the difficulties and suffering of others to seem so distant and removed from our own life experience.

Were we to look at all of these recent current events with freshly innocent eyes, I wonder, would we jump?  Would we choose to make a significant change.  I hope so.  Because looking at them from the perspective of 'business as usual,' like the slowly heated frog, is likely to let us all perish.

As I hear the news on the home front and on the world scene, it seems to me to be a reflection of our own awareness that is begging us to evolve, to step up to a new level in our human consciousness, our interconnectedness.  And evolve we must.  Either that or perish like that poor first little frog.

All of these perilous incidences remind me of the intensity of the process of birth.  As the time of transition draws near, the contractions increase in severity and frequency.  Soon they come one right on top of the other until the new life begins to crown.  It is a dangerous time.  Both the mother and or the babe can be lost.  Both stand right at the door of death before they choose life and behold a new consciousness coming into being.

Perhaps we can consider this metaphor together, as a possible vision of how we can help ourselves to make the changes that will allow us to ride safely through these troubled times.  Let us see ourselves being born into the far-reaching implications of an evolving consciousness, one where we hold the deepest considerations and self-responsibility for our collective future.  One where we let all of our actions and choices reflect that understanding.  As we do so, we can see our shared reality, our unity, with each of us as a part of the whole, a portion of Divinity.  And as we rise up in our perception of this, we see that we are each worthy of love, our own love, each others love and the love of all.  

It is my hope that together, we can make this shift, despite our cultural conditioning to the contrary.  We can learn to see ourselves, with all of our differences, as valuable contributions to the whole.  And it is true, we are different, but not separate, as a baby finger is different from a thumb, but both are uniquely wonderful parts of the one hand, the whole body, the whole being and all of Divinity.

From this beautiful place of self-love, self-respect and self-allowance our 'cup runneth over' and the love spills forth into the field of our shared reality and we can see that the challenges that arise in our lives are blessings in disguise, here to help guide us, out of separation and back into unity consciousness, from whence we came and where we belong now.

This is the new human consciousness that I am trusting these increasingly strong and frequent contractions will bring; the one we are all waiting to see be born.  Our oneness, our unity consciousness, immersed in the interconnectedness of our shared Universal Love.   I invite you to join me in holding this vision together, as one.