Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Few Thoughts on COVID-19

This is a challenging time.  We've experienced nothing like it in modern history.  But, big challenges can come with big opportunities for positive change.  And we all know that positive change is what is dearly needed right now.  We can benefit from and direct that change toward desired outcomes through training our brains.   Some of you may want to visit the feature length film, "What the Bleep Do We Know," for further guidance on how to do this.  And, for more information on the importance of time spent idly, please read, Do Less Be More by Susan Pearce and Martina Sheehan.  My gratitude goes to both of these authors for reminding us how vital time spent quietly can be.  In closing I'd like to say,
May the promise, that this season of spring brings with its new life, be a reminder of the possibilities that lie ahead of us, waiting to unfold.  And with that in mind, in our heart-minds, let's direct our thoughts and our imagination toward those of the best possible outcomes and the Highest Good for all.

© Josephine Laing 2020


  1. Thank you Josephine for the Uplifting Talk!

    Love from Austin Texas,

    Carl & Mary

  2. thanks so much for your wonderful and vitally necessary talk.. I get so many emails but decided to open yours and hear what you had to say.. and it reflects on the new facebook page I created called Quarantine or Mindfulness Retreat Globally : and will post your talk at the site. We moved to a small town called Florence where lakes, the river and the ocean are all within five minutes and all the birds and the trees and not many cars.. maybe we get two cars a day that travel down the street... loved hearing your wisdom and seeing your joyful face!!